• Kael

    Well the hype is so high but(in youtube maybe xd?).. without alpha/beta or something is too hard to bring more ppl here

  • Furia

    website might appears slow over the next 1-2 days as i have to fix some database issues, sorry for that

  • Mifuyu

    I think It's sad that the max amount of members that have been online in the forum all at once is only 12. We can do better than that guys...

  • KaelFx

    Devs are a good civilization q-q?

  • Mecha Fanboy

    LOL welcome back Yakashi! and Send***** the game has no release date yet. The devs did say they're skipping G-Star in FAVOR of release during the december/news

  • SendNudEZ

    when will it be released? *itching hands ლ(́o A o‵ლ

  • TropicalFox

    does the game have a release day

  • Yakashi

    looks like I'm taking korean lessons

  • Yakashi

    I'M BACK

  • ama


  • ama

    Shout out to all the haters that told me i'd never amount to nothin.

  • Twin

    Woah there is a shoutbox now

  • Poke

    Forums are just slow because there's not a lot of news or gameplay to talk about~

  • Guest#3231

    Flithor you are free, to help us, become better than it is! :D

  • Flithor

    Our forum is really dull(?)

  • Poke

    Hey guys, let's keep that hype train going!

  • Guest#bbdc

    why cant i do an accont ?

  • Kagemusya

    The peria chronicle is not on G-Star 2017. This is a fact. But there is news in December.

  • WatchGintama

    Peria wont be at gstar 2017

  • Guest#7cc7

    Mifuyu!!!!! I totally watch your videos every day! And have shared them with soooooooooo many of my mmorpg friends!!!!!