Code of Conduct: A Guide to peaceful coexistence

  • Code of Conduct: A Guide to peaceful coexistence

    Dear Community,

    First of all we, the Team, would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to what we perceive as a second home; our Forum!

    As the name reveals, the forum is a venue for public speeches & triumphal processions, where people from all four corners of the world meet to exchange ideas and benefit from communicating with each other. Obviously the more the visitors, the more the different points of view and experiences everyone brings to the table. Understandably, every user
    is a complete nucleus, yet part of the broader organism called "Community" and in order for this organism to stay healthy and prosper it is necessary to lay the foundation and principles with which we can ensure the longevity of our beloved home. Apart from the already published Community Rules, this thread serves as a medium of interpreting them in their bigger picture and clarify the spirit which this Team and Administration will follow.

    All of us, from the anonymous reader to the registered user and to the site administration do something very important while visiting this portal and forum; they invest their leisure time in order to enjoy it and be constructive with it! Therefore, it is self explanatory, that we'll ensure, that everyone present here will have joy being either an active or passive user. To us it doesn't matter if one is an individual or part of a bigger group, the only thing we care is on the one hand to to the best we can to provide users with
    proper information in the most entertaining ways possible and on the other hand to provide this information in a user-friendly environment. Obviously heated debates are meant to arise from time to time, but thanks to our decade long experience in community management, we know exactly when such a time is. We won't tolerate brain-dead flame wars and
    hostile stances on individuals or collectives and won't hesitate to enforce measures to counter such behavior, should need arise. Disagreement can be expressed in many ways, a tip; always prefer the civilized one. Making posts containing aggressive/hostile language and/or implications makes people look pathetic and selfish and these arenot traits, that we want to cultivate in our Community.

    Thank you for your understanding