Life skills

  • Hey everybody! I was curious on what everyone thinks on life skills and what they would be like for Peria.

    So far I been comparing parts of Peria to another Nexon game, Mabinogi.

    Mabinogi has life skills such as tailoring, cooking, blacksmithing, etc.

    So what life skills do you think Peria will have?

    Also do you think any of them would actually be significant?

  • as far as i know, no life skills have been oficially confirmed.

    but going from the genre of the game, i'd say that life skill are probably a good bet and most likely will have a significant role in peria chronicles. especially since the game is heavilly player created content oriented.

    if we're lucky, we might get more confirmed info at the next GSTAR in november though. with the emphasis on lucky :) and if we get a miracle, they might also confirm life skills.

  • I guess I did just assume there would be life skills, but mostly because of what you said, Player created content is heavily the focus of the game.

    I just really want to do tailoring! I enjoy the life skills of games more than combat usually.

    (I'm also looking forward to the G-Star this year)

  • similar to you Clain, i know a lot about Mabinogi too, so i'm hoping for things like life skills or something similar in peria~

    i saw in one of the official videos that you could Assemble a cake, so you can probably decorate them and make other different dishes, as well. i'm a fan of Cooking from Mabinogi, and cooking skills in general, so i hope that we get something akin to that in peria, even if only just unofficial assembly of food.

  • wuooooahhhhh, self-created skills? i hadn't even thought about that... that'd be awesome!! if possible, i want to make one where you juggle things! bouquets, permissions, chairs, everything!--

    that'd be amazing... ヽ( •̀ ω •́ )ゝ✧ヽ( •̀ ω •́ )ゝ✧ Cirque de Peria!! asides from that tho, i wonder if there'll be any built-in minigames to things like cooking, or is it all just 'reforming'?

    i want to open a bakery/restaurant full of yummy-looking dishes! \o/