Clothing In Peria Chronicles

  • Hey everyone!

    Now so far for Peria we seen some of character creation (for females, I have yet to see anything for males) and a bit of outfits but, what else?

    I'm a person a bit bigger in looks and all, but I'm curious, how will clothing be?

    How much clothes will be earned by quests? How many by shops? How many via cash shop?

    Do they have stats? or do we focus on just the stats of our Kirana?

    Will some clothing be like skins, no stats or anything but just for looks?

    Also some things I also am fairly curious about is will some clothing be impossible to put together?

    Let me just give an example of this,

    A: Clothing is by sets, you can't change shoes/shirts/etc. it's all as one.

    B: Clothing can be fully interchangeable, different shirts, shorts, shoes, all can be put together

    Or C: A mixture of both.

    And I'm also curious if we can dress are Kirana~ Since they are pretty important in the game and mostly with us!

    (One more thing to add, could we make any clothes designs/etc. like Maplestory 2)

  • idk if you can design clothes yourself just yet, but from character customization videos it seems that straight-off-the-bat you can custom-pick top/bottom/hat/accessories (or hat & accessories) and change the color of them, although those colors are probably prepicked.

    i'm excited at the thought of personal design, though! the outfits all look great already, if we could design our own that'd be fantastic!

    there's actually (although very few) a few cameos of male characters in the videos/trailers wearing clothes, but some of them seem to be NPCs. regardless though, there are examples of both male & female clothing on the previous teaser site:


  • uwa... i'm both anticipating and dreading the first creation of a 'Clown Costume' if so. i wonder if you could make yourself camouflage? like... become a bush, or a tree! or maybe...

    oh! what if you could design/make a maid/butler outfit? and if you could dress up your hired NPC/Kirana?

    (my thought process being, maid cafe!! selling delicious goods while dressing up my NPCs in cute costumes!! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》)