HELLOOOOO!!! I am AquaSky!

  • HI people who are reading my thread! i will just keep things short with bumps, drops and some rockets, maybe some leaps of faith while being blinded! I will try to jump into any thread and like give my pure to honest opinion.

    My name is AquaSky! And Yes! My zodiac sign is Aquarius and the sky... I just love to look at the sky in the night! if I was able to fly I would love it even more! Being free is the best feeling there is! Other than love... I don't know.. never have been in a relationship so idk if its a good feeling? I have felt love but... lets keep the tears somewhere else, okay!^^

    CAUTION! I am being honest and in NO way trying to be rude or boring... i will probably be boring sometimes! I'm sorry :D. I am just a human Being! Honest! Unless I was born *looking* like a human being and going through my life not knowing what i was originally.

    I love anime and Manga, mostly fantasy! I love those manga about the main character dying or being summoned into another world where he goes through betrayal or/and true friends while he gets stronger to either save the world or destroy it. Maybe there is a middle plot where he saves it while destroying it or just plainly wants to kill all the people who betrayed him and doesn't care about the world at all. I just love stories about other worlds! I read manga and watch anime about anything and everything! I literally made a list about all the anime i have seen, since i started watching it seriously* but i might not have every anime i saw before i made the list or started it. I like to chill... or be fired up! kinda anime!^^ Hope you Humans loved this, i have other hobbies but i just write things about what comes to mind right now in this space and time.:)love books, cartoons, movies....

  • hello aquasky, i think it's a bit rude that nobody has offered you a snack yet so here is some cola and chips

    and i have to agree with JoJones that the excitement is something we've been missing on these forums lately

    but either way, welcome to the community and i hope to see you around.