Shorty here!

  • Nice to meet you Shorty, Welcome to the forums. I'm thinking of making a guild myself actually, however I'm only in the planning phase. I'm trying to decide a guild goal, but I can't really do that until we know everything we can do in the finished game lol. If you're interested in joining then, just lemme know. May we one day cross paths in game!

  • Welcome, it's too bad you found it now, it's still a bit early news wise but if it does release this year in KR then all is well.

    Hey everyone I just found out about this game while searching for new mmorpgs and I really am taking an interest in this one. I'm wondering if there are some pre formed guilds out there that are looking for new members when this game launches! ^^

    Mines always open to anyone :) if you wanna join just lemme know. For now we don't have any peria related activities going on except for podcast (We just talk about recent peria news and discuss about the game itself)

  • welcome shorty
    let's get the important stuff out of the way first

    have some cookies

    now we can move on

    i'm not sure if i'll even join a guild officially but i'll probably hang out with the same people all the time, maybe even those from these forums and/or the peria discord (since there's a lot of overlap there) you're free to join me in hanging out whenever you want.
    regardless of what happens later

    welcome to the community, and i hope to see you around