The wait, how much longer?

  • It's been almost a year since we had the "Now loading..." pictures appear on the official facebook for Peria Chronicles, we have had some news but mostly things you have to find yourself by digging around. I wonder if we will hear something before a whole year happens?

    So I'm basically hoping that we get information before or on the date of the first or last "Now loading..." picture. I know it may sound weird and too hopeful but I'm thinking that we could be looking forward to some news in summer.

    It would make more sense for news during this years G-Star, but I'm hopeful for Summer.

    Just for reference the first "Now loading..." image was posted July 6th, 2017. The last was July 21st, 2017.

  • This is not a fact. It is a contextual analysis.

    November 2016 G-star. The coupon will be available until December 2020. Of course, the game may come before that.

    Game testing is long. Korean MMO RPG takes more than a year. Considering this, there is likely to be a game test in 2018. Is this optimistic?

    Recently, Nexon development team had restructuring. It is not fired. They divided the team in detail. Of course the thing is soft too. They shared mobile games and PC development. In fact, this is not important. The important thing is that the head developer is back.

    He is an important developer, and may soon tell the news. This is certainly optimistic, but I think.

    There is a subsidy for thingsoft recently. In fact, this is not just for the peria chronicle. thingsoft is also making another PC online game. This is also a very important project.

    Anyway. There is no news in Korea. Sooner or later, illustrations may be released ... but this is not news.

    I wrote this as a Google Translator.