Your Peria Self!

  • Hey everyone!

    I wondered how everyone wanted to look in Peria, there is one thread about it but those were general ideas, I wanted to share full writing and art for our Peria selves!

    Such as writing in great detail about your character and maybe even sharing a story about them, like a small summary or more. Also sharing art of them and all that~I just thought it be fun while we wait.

    So basically this is a pretty artsy/creative thread about you in Peria, and all ~


    Anyway I haven't fully thought out myself but I finished a drawing with what I want to look like in Peria with also a Kirana I want (Not sure what this Kirana's name is)


    Added the Logo for authenticity lol

  • About my character story, well, I'll give a brief synopsis.

    My character, Y**n (name's a secret, but anyone who's known me before should be able to figure it out now lol), is a wandering swordsman. After a dark period in his life, he decided to put down the sword and pick up the pen. Y**n disappeared off the face of the planet, with the only things proving he ever existed being his art that would blow into towns and cities around the world. One day, word of a new threat rose. A dark force that rivaled the power of the deities themselves. Y**n heard the news and returned to society to check on his family, however, as he approached his old home, he took notice of the open door. "The truth is stranger than fiction" he mumbled under his breath as he opened the door to see beasts feeding on what used to be his family... After slaying the rabid creatures, he went over to his family, barely being able to distinguish them from each other. With tears welling up in his eyes, he recited a prayer so that their souls may rest. Y**n burned down his former home, and returned to his homestead to train. He vowed that he would destroy those repugnant demons, and make them wish they'd never been created. Today, Y**n travels defeating strongholds of the his enemies, taking down commanders and searching for vengeance. In his spare time, he draws pictures of his adventures, and sends them along the wind to all the cities and towns. When he's seen in town, he's a generally great guy, kind and well mannered, but no-one knows of the darkness trapped within his tortured heart.

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  • First let me say your drawing looks awesome! It's really cool! He kind of reminds me of Haseo from dot hack roots (Who happens to be one my favorite character designs).


    I also have issues in coloring, but your character looks super cool! I'm really bad at making more manly-ish kind of guys, I blame it on watching a lot of kid shounen anime and shoujo anime for most of my life lol. So I'm stuck with girly characters or very kid-ish drawn characters. (But I'm practicing!)


    Anyway, if I had to say a story for my character.... Hm

    Well my character's name is Clain (Might use Miles instead, but trying to snatch the name Clain for the actual game release). He's your average adventurer, except for the fact that he always takes long hiatuses from adventuring to settle down in town to be social, learn skills such as cooking, and of course his favorite past-time, tailoring. Of course you'll see him slacking off from tailoring a lot because most of the materials he needs are out in the most dangerous areas.


    To be honest, this small summary of him is exactly what I do, XD

    So I'm a very on and off fighter and tailor.

  • Thanks, Clain, Haseo was actually a huge inspiration on his design lol. (He's also one of my favorite characters).

    I enjoy Clain's story lol. Tbh the character design you made suits it, it looks like the type of kid who'd go adventure and then come town to handle things like tailoring.

    Also about the coloring, coincidentally a Photoshop coloring tutorial showed up on my YouTube suggestion list, and so, I recolored the picture.

    Except for the strange line to the left, i think i did a bit better lol.

  • It does look much better!

    Also Haseo is a pretty cool character, he's one of my favorite characters in general. Also Dot Hack Roots is the only Dot Hack I seen in the series.


    I really hope Peria has outfits that can match our characters at least closely, because I want to make more art of mine and if they don't have outfits that close to it then I hope we really can customize/make our own, least to a certain extent.

  • I ended up making different emotes of my character, took a long time though. It drove me crazy lol.

    I might make my own art thread to post them all since there is a lot of them, but I'll share a few on here. I wanted to be able to use these as emotes for the forum, I'll probably make more later, maybe on some the story characters and Kirana of Peria Chronicles too.


    I actually have 13 all together owo