North American server Or will it not be released to the US

  • I am pretty sure it won't. I heard (from someone else so you can't fully trust this from me) that the game was at least originally suppose to go for a more global release (Least for more places than just Korea).

    I'm pretty sure it'll come to NA and EU, maybe won't even be as long as we think since this isn't a normal casual game. However I think it also will depend on what team we get here that'll take over for translating.... also if they change any game play.

    Also by what I just said by that, I just remember that for the game Blade and Soul, a team over here took it over for translating and all, but also changed some game play mechanics to suit western players better. Which could been the reason that game took so long to come out.

    It may also depend if they want to fully dub the game into other languages first, or just translate subtitles and dub later (or never). Blade and Soul dubbed the game later on, if they did before hand it would been even a longer wait... so hope for Peria they wait that one out.

  • Lol that would be me who said that, initially they did plan to release KR along with other countries (but we all know what happened)

    Nexon on is publishing the game so there's a very very good chance it comes to the west (In my opinion it's already a given)