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  • Excuse me, Ciaos here... wanna ask few questions...

    First of all, can we choose our own language, like English, Chinese, etc or only Korean is allow?:P

    Second, how can we set up our content if we don't know Korean(if no other language can be used)?:|:|

    Thirdly, I appreciate that we can set up our own rule and village:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:how much space is given? Can other players came in?:saint::saint:

    PS after seeing my questions, you may think I'm a really harsh guy, no worries:saint::saint:it is because I'm really looking forward to this game:love::love::love:

  • on NA and EU servers it's most likely going to be english but i've never been on an asian server so i have no idea what the default is going to be but i don't think it's going to be exclusively korean

    and when it comes to player created stuff most people will use english on NA and EU but some of them might try to use their main language

    since it's unlikely that everything will be in korean i don't think that's going to be a problem as long as you know what to do

    from what i understand, a village keeps growing as long as there are people working on it and other players will have to come in since it wouldn't be possible to keep growing without people supporting the town (the whole "concept" resource)

  • i think a lot of players would be happy enough to make their own NPCs
    even if they want actual "good" AI you'd probably get the pieces you need through the ingame coding stuff and just have to put them together

    ... now i think about it this sounds like the system they used in overlord to make all the servands (anime, if you didn't see it highly recommend). :saint:

  • I am glad the devs put out many infos on the sandbox part of the game, so we can all see what exactly we are dealing with here. It looks promising and fun, hours and hours that a player could invest only to create something everyone else would like too!

    It really sounds like a dream let´s hope this one comes true!


  • um seen video today that post yesterday about ui we be building own ui with prop witch will effect our characters like smoking pip will make our character a smoker so they smoke when stress or just need too or that what I get from video or guessing what they mean. witch be awesome as well we can put any thing together and maybe able to work together like make item to make character the way you want them to be. sound hard but they said be easy

    (here link to video)

  • As long as I can build a town and have people come live in my town, I'm happy. After all, I don't think I'm very creative when it comes to shaping lands and whatnot. But on that note, do you think we'd be able to form lakes as well? I saw that we can make underground tunnels and craters, so I'd think it'd only make sense to be able to fill these holes in the ground with water to form lakes. What do you all think? Or maybe it's already been confirmed and I just missed that info?

  • i have never seen any confirmation but it seems like a logical step, though i seem to have missed that video too but i remember reading nekoloveheart's post before (maybe i was looking through the forum on my phone and missed the video or skipped it since it's 2 hours long and i forgot about it later)

    that being said, i really do hope they allow us to swim or at the very least cross liquid terrain with the help of a kirana (like surf in pokemon) but really, what's the point of an open world if you can't have a beach party and swim around (among other things ofcourse)

  • A beach party would be awesome! I'm assuming that there are already going to be beaches and oceans that come by default, but if not then it seems like it'll be a pretty lengthy task to make an entire ocean. Not that it couldn't be done, because if they allow you to make lakes by filling holes, then why couldn't you do the same to make an ocean? That is, if the oceans don't come by default.

  • for an ocean they could probably just set a certain height as the water level and have anything below that automatically fill up with water
    however, they should find some way to make the possibillity of a non-submerged cave (or whatever) exist too becaus otherwise a lot of players trying to make a mainly vertically oriented cave dungeon (or again, whatever) will have problems to go down


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