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  • Oh yeah, since the world that we'll all be living on will be spherical, they may just have the area beneath the crust be entirely filled with water, but like you said that would make a vertical or underground dungeon difficult since it'd be submerged in water.

    Maybe they could just simply have the water level on a section of the planet be filled with water, so that on the other side of the planet the area beneath the water level wouldn't be filled with anything, and players could make their underground dungeons in those areas.

  • but at that point you have to wonder what would happen if a player were to make a canal past the edge of that region

    would the water just stop at the edge, would it flow out, how far would it flow before it affects the global sealevel, etc...

    i'm not a programmer so i'm not going to say how they should or should not do it but i really hope the devs find a solution (and add swiming physics because so far i haven't seen any in released info)

  • i get the concept in general (being a geology student it's part of my curriculum too) but i'm just not sure how to code something on that scale

    considering that seawater isn't endless either although it may seem that way when seen from the perspective of human lives you cant have water infinitely flow everywhere (also any troll could set the whole world under water if it did)

  • Yeah that trolling part is what worries me. What if some outsider built a moat outside of your town or raised the landscape and made mountains surround your town, closing it off pretty much anyone? Maybe you could implement a rule that affects not only the landscape in your town, but also a certain radius outside of your town to prevent trolls from doing this?

  • i have never seen any confirmation but it seems like a logical step, though i seem to have missed that video too but i remember reading nekoloveheart's post before (maybe i was looking through the forum on my phone and missed the video or skipped it since it's 2 hours long and i forgot about it later)

    that being said, i really do hope they allow us to swim or at the very least cross liquid terrain with the help of a kirana (like surf in pokemon) but really, what's the point of an open world if you can't have a beach party and swim around (among other things ofcourse)

    Swimming hasn't been confirmed as you guys know BUT, I did see earlier in a few trailers a human was riding their Kirana. Seeing as there are Kirana able to fly as well, i'm pretty sure water Kirana will be a thing. I don't know if they'll be able to help you swim or navigate faster but its basically certain at this point there'll be water. Now for the mechanics and programming of water.

    Water would be pretty easy to program if we consider a few things.

    1.) Will they animate it whenever something moves inside or hits the outside of it?

    2.)How deep will it be and will it all be loaded at one time or every so often it updates?(Server load plays a role here)

    3.)Considering this game is going for a community atmosphere, I assume servers will be MASSIVE and they may have to split them into 2-4 seperate ones(Or more). If we consider that, the available resources from the server will be limited which means they most likely will keep it static and have it animated for certain things such as entry and exit. Because animating every character's bit of clothes and body would be way too resource heavy.

    Making water isn't really hard, but for Peria's engine and what most of the fan base hope for its gonna be a pain i'm pretty sure lol.

    If we all look back to this video:

    we see that the player can actively choose elements (Though the only one shown in this demo is lava). If lavas present water should be as well. I don't know how they'll limit where and to what amount water can be placed, but that's something we'll have to wait to understand. Oh and non submerged caves and such are 100% possible from what i've seen in videos, basically any individual can dig the ground up and create a cave, tunnel etc. Then all they have to do is fill the entrance to whatever it is up and VOILA, you created a non submerged underground ______. Once Alpha/Beta rolls in a lot of our questions will be answered.

    I'm sure they'll have oceans, but i'm not certain they'll be filled with Kirana or dungeons (It'd be really frickin cool tho!)

    Oh lol @CompaKonpa the world isn't round by default, in reality it can be flat or whatever shape you want it to be. After all, they wouldn't limit the shapes that can be created by users. Answering your question about trolling and such, they did say that they'll be moderating everything that comes into perias world (I doubt they'll verify EVERYTHING, but it's definitely reassuring knowing well get some level of moderation from the devs themselves. Though they said that mainly if they patch user created content as official content into the game. Meaning everyone will be able to see and use it.) Lol last thing, you can set rules around town and I think outside of it too to ban certain things. Such as; no smoking, no PK(player kill) and so on.

    If you guys haven't already watched the tutorials and the demo videos from G-Star 2016 here's the fan made playlist: G-Star 2016 Peria Demo Playlist We tried to find as many as we could but it seems they were pretty rare

  • That's a lot of info, and thank you for clearing up my mistake about the world being round by default. But even though it can be whatever shape you want it to be, what shape would it be before anyone messes with the terrain? Because I thought I remember them saying in the interview that it was spherical. Obviously I know that the player can add hills and valleys and stuff to make the shape less round, but I don't think it's flat by default.

  • Haha no worries, I hope I didn't spam you lol. I did my research though (and have been for a while) So if you have any more questions you know where to contact me! The default shape would be a flat terrain, the developers have made a handful of preset maps and zones for us to visit in order to complete Peria's story. I don't remember reading anything about spheres...

  • Okay. it was actually on this site:…-interview-translation%2F

    "You can run forever, but circular. It's like a small planet. But if it's too short, it will be weird, so we will have some distance that will be longer than your vision that can be wrapped, and you will see the world being repeated."

    Interesting, the translation we have is different. I can't say for sure ours or the one on the forum is right but if that's the case then it'd be awfully weird on the camera physics and such, like they said