Group to play

  • When Peria comes out it will most likely come out in korea first and then x years or until it comes out in america and Europa. Because of that I wanted to ask who wants to make a guild or something when Peria hits in korea and all play together there, it would be really helpfull because few of us know Korean so if you figure something out or find something you could share it with the guild instead of having to put massive blocks of wiki text into google transelate. It also could be fun to learn the ins and outs of the game because we would all start without any guides so we would all have to learn everything from scrash which really would give me that old school vibe where you have to play a game blind (although when i started gaming that was already over...).

    Case and Point:

    if Peria korea hits, should we make a guild there and start playing together.

    if so, any idea's for a name. i was thinking something like ''the new order''. make it sound cool but short


    sorry for being inactive the last few... months/ year, i was busy and also kinda ran out of things to talk about on this site:saint:

  • I'm down, I technically already have one made except peria isn't out yet :(. That being said, how about Akasha's Children? or Peria's disciples? (Akasha's Children sounds coolest to me)

    I'd love to start blind and work on it little by little, eventually making guides for all kinds of players. Let's hope not much changes between the KR and other servers patch wise.

    All I know is that once it's out in KR/JP i'll be there!

  • I'm down to join too, if i can manage to get in or if the connection is stable enough for me.

    Maybe some other unrelated things or random names, just for fun:

    • Muirea
    • aeterna / aeternus
    • Feria (Get it, mistranslation from google Feria -> Peria :3)

    Feria is short and simple, I like it! Especially the added goof bonus of being mistranslated haha