8 ​offical website tutorials video content summary (????Under Construction????)(Last update May 5th 2017)

  • I'm trying to translate that 8 videos, here is my completed portion.


    Peria Chronicles looks need some basic programming knowledge and logical thinking ability.

    Otherwise you will not be able to experience the systems which described in tutorial video

    You can download I translated text file from each title link

    Just Korean & Chinese. Encode is Unicode, try to use Google Translater.

    Now Google Translator is easy to translate Korean & Chinese to Natural English.

    There may be errors for reference only.

    But now I don't want publish yet.

    ???????????? Under Construction ????????????

    1. 지침
    2. 금지
  • this looks promising

    i just went from having no idea what they're saying to getting the general concept ^^

    but about 2. with the virtual screens

    is there any possibility that you can use those across multiple actual monitors or do they not mention anything about that?