Paying in peria chronicles

  • Because there is news coming this winter about peria and some have suggested about an alpha /beta of some kind (I am not saying that its coming or not just stating the facts)

    we have to discuss the thing that will either break or make the game, monetization or how and more importantly on what we will be able to spend our money on.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with asking money from your player base, in fact i believe that F2P will be the new way we should monetize our games but it should be done right.

    for example: kirana are dropped through an rng based system, how it will work exactly we still have to figure out when the game comes out but just for the sake of keeping it simple lets say that every time you kill an kirana you have an X% chance of capturing it, that procent is either A: the same for every single kirana so getting rare kirana is hard because they don't spawn oftend enough to be grinded or B: the kirana have all a fixated drop rate much like most weapons in other mmo's and rare kirana have a lower drop procentage than other kirana. if we take the example of B then a no brainer would be to put in some kind of item that increases those procentages, but how smart is that really? in the case of trove where the end game revolves around getting rare mounts and wings having a higher drop rate would be something everyone would want exept that isn't how the devs made it. because the drop rates are reasonable ONLY to the paying players which have a 0.1% chance where the f2p players have a 0.001% chance. at first this wasn't an issue because what the players would do is instead to pray to rngesus they sold are their cages and with that money they bought the mounts for what they earned with it and the paying players could buy those cages for dirt cheap prices and only increase their drop rate and helping the economie when they got a mount they already have by selling it. the system worked fine until the devs desided that there should be more people buying the increased drop rate so they banned all rare mounts from the shop... this destroyed the economie and not only stopt the f2p players but also paying players from playing the game which in turn fucked the game even more.

    and of course we have the obvious solution of making all cosmetics pay to get like TF2 or LoL but how much of a garentee do we have that the devs stop there.

    I want to see how you thing the monetization of this game shall be or how it should be.


  • I always have been thinking, "what could the devs cash shop". Theres plenty ranging from Kirana to cosmetics. What I would like to see is a system like Warframe where, each dungeon or area has a higher rate of finding materials for said weapon or cosmetic you just have to get over to that area to farm. In warframe the cash shop is there to mainly buy cosmetics and eliminate grind (Not necessary though). Put in a few hours and you can easily get high tier stuff.

    Now im not saying they should adopt it entirely but seeing as Peria is a community focused game and they hinted at it being easier in groups it would make sense that everything in Cash shop is also easier to get as a group. This would help mitigate the amount of grind needed normally, im still not sure how solo play would be considering the above.

    Also, please Nexon dont cash shop Kirana lol. Whats the point of going around capturing them if you can buy them? Maybe if we can sell them on player markets or theyre banned from pvp but idk, its a tough area especially since Kirana are almost everything.

  • I hope that it's mostly cosmetic. However, what I most hope for is the ability for other players to buy those cash shop items from other players with in game money. That way people who can spend their money can sell these items to players who either cannot afford or have the inability to pay for those items.

    (Also hope it doesn't get ridiculously pricey and a in-game outfit cost as much as a irl one, like some games do now =_=)

  • This is a very bad forecast:

    It has been nearly eight years since the project was established.

    If as a F2P game, then it maybe charging very high. But adding “paid functional items” to a sandbox games is a very bad thing.

    It will leads to P2W, and seriously frustrate the enthusiasm of free players.

  • It's Nexon, I would be almost confident that we will see gacha.

    It might not be all bad, maybe it'll be pay2cosmetic instead of pay2win.

    The biggest thing is, will the gear/cosmetics you can only get from paying will have stats or not?

    Or will it offer gear/weapons that can only be bought that rival or surpass endgame gear?