• Hey everyone!

    I recently heard about Peria on Nocht's channel and I am super excited! Glad to become part of the community.

    Peria seems like an awesome game and something that I could gladly sink many hours into!

    A bit about myself; I'm from the east coast USA and practice emergency medicine which in a lot of ways resembles MMOs (for example, I was accused of being God and using magic just last night by a patient!)

    Honestly, I haven't been deep into an MMO since Everquest Online Adventures and am super excited to explore the new up-and-coming games.

    I'll probably need lots of help with computer-tech stuff; usually game on consoles but want to build a great gaming PC in the future.

    So again, glad to meet everyone! Got to be more fun playing Peria than continuing to grind away at Destiny 2 ;).