I have returned

  • I was not sure where to post this, so mods feel free to move this to the right section.

    Hello again people who remember me (though I am sure with my inactivity and how long it has been not many will ^^) and welcome to all new members who joined since I last logged in. (There's quite a lot of you now and that is amazing).

    Every time I peek into this site it feels completely different from before just showing how much it has grown in the last year or so, my hat goes off to the entire team of people who have been running this community (especially furia, this site is amazing).

    I am sure in time I will get to know some of you a bit better and hopefully I will stick around for much longer this time around without other obligations getting in the way. I look forward to catching up on all the latest happenings regarding the game and this community both.

    All that being said and done I have some questions:

    • Is there a discord server I could join? I am using it as my main social platform for all things gaming and would enable me to get even more involved.
    • My forum notifications are in the hundreds when it comes to unread posts, is there a way to clear this? I will still be going through the most relevant ones not to worry!
    • Is there any particular threads you recommend I go through? Be it for news or just entertainment, please feel free to suggest one!

    That will be all from me for now, I will be seeing you in future posts!