Peria Chronicles : 2019

  • Hiya Everyone!

    It's 2019, we waited for Peria for so long we seem to run out of discussions.

    How can anyone keep talking about a game that has fully been exploited via trailers by now?

    This thread is about are hopes and speculations if any of 2019 for Peria.

    2019 could be a big year for gaming or not. We waited for Peria for quite a while, we got "Now Loading...." Images that led to nothing, what if it all means something now?

    My hope is for another trailer, perhaps before the end of this year. Maybe even an alpha test in Korea, or perhaps a Alpha test for everyone. Maybe they are already working on translating a lot of the game to get a similar release date if they find this project to be a change in the MMO gaming industry.

    What if there are talks about being mobile? Hopefully not...

    What do you all think will happen or not with Peria Chronicles in 2019?

  • I can say that this game has me as hyped as if a Sword Art Online in real life came out, it actually seems that interesting, I keep hearing about all these features that were never used in games before, which has me a little worried, but everything seems to be getting handled well and I don't want to rush them at all, considering they're going to need a lot of time to make a game this great, I can't wait.