Would you want a completed Peria Chronicles or be open to Early Access?

  • Very recently the game KurtzPel revealed that it would have early access on steam, meaning the game is STILL in development, has its faults and all, but you can play it. You'll play it while the game is still improving and getting to a more stable gameplay/etc.

    Let's say we had that option for Peria, doesn't seem too crazy does it? It's been a while, perhaps there is much we can do but still faults here and there. So the project would still be completed, but you could play while it still had faults, would you take it?

  • EA.

    Currently, Peria doesn't have any competing products, and the game graphic and in-game combines devices are also very different from Minecraft, which means that the future of this game is completely UNKNOW.

    I have said many times about this.

    Of course, the game needs to be presented in a relatively complete, but no one can say "No problem" when face of an unknown future.

    Judging from the feedback results of the 2016 GSTAR preview, there were still many shortcomings at the time.

    The design philosophy of Peria is determined that this game must be grown in "Mistake-Correction".