Quests? Or NO Quest?

  • Belo:D Fans of Peria Chronicles, Ciaos speaking.

    Here is a question, as we know, no matter what games, there are lots of quests for us to do, otherwise the game may be really boring, so I wanna ask whether Peria Chronicles have there own quests, such as building somethings, farming some crops, ect...?

    If yes, here is another question, in Peria Chronicles, we can have our own society, create our own npcs, lots of other things can be done by us, so can we set up some quests for other players, or own self to play?

    That's all questions about the existence of quests in Peria Chronicles I have up til now;) Hope for anyone's reply:thumbup::thumbup:

  • the articles that were translated from korean do talk about questing but they were pretty vague about it because they were still trying to figure out how to make the quest system (what npc's give them and where to find them, etc...) because towns in peria are supposed to grow and decline with the amount of players in it and it would be a problem if you did a quest but the npc that's supposed to give you the reward has disappeared from the game entirely

    also some of the videos have people talking to you and telling you what to do (for example the ones where you learn the basics of the content creation) but since it's in korean i don't know what they're saying but it looked like some sort of tutorial quest to me

    so the answer to your first question would be:

    yes, there will be quests

    but i do not know how in depth they will go so it could be limited to tutorial quests but it might as well be an entire storyline

    as for the second question:

    making your own quests was one of the reasons i got into peria chronicles but if the devs make it possible or not will probably not matter too much if you get to make NPCs (who can give and collect the quest) and make your own terrain (location of the quest) along with all the other player made content (for example the quest mechanics)

    all these thing should be enough to make a basic player created quest and i'm sure with time players will be able to go more complex than that

    the only thing i'm concerned about is the fair gameplay part and it would be nice to have some supervision of player created quests (doesn't really matter how they do it but for example moderators who report to the GMs could be a possibility because GMs have better things to do than go around checking player content 24/7)

    is that a good enough answer for you?

  • I'm thinking we might just get the "main story quest" portion made for us, while players themselves create the "side quests" on our own.

    After all it'd be quite troublesome if new players don't have some sort of quest to follow through to show them the world, and act as tutorial etc.

    We'll find out more as time goes~