Project Kill-Time (help community with finding games to spend time in before the release of Peria Chronicle)

  • Now first of all, i know it's practically impossible to get everyone to agree on ONE game to spend time in, which is why there won't just be one.

    Project Kill-time is looking to help group community to smaller groups so they can, A) get to know each others easier than being in one huge 300+ members group, B) something so the group can play together with each others while killing time and take minds off checking for peria chronicle news everyday (since it most likely won't be anytime soon).

    Here's the simple survey. Please don't try to double/triple/quadruple post your answers. This survey will be the first round, checking the top 3-5 mentions, then I'll put out a 2nd survey for people to pick among the choices, which would they rather play. then we can form the mini groups for yall to interact with.

    Wish yall luck, and if you got other stuff to comment about, do so below.

    Main goal is for people to kill time, and meet people.

    ##Reminder. The games are meant to serve as a tool to kill time as a group, when Peria release, I/we don't expect to continue the game we use to kill time in. Even if we level capped every characters/class. So keep that in mind.

    Good Luck~


  • This is definitely a great idea, and I did submit my answer. Though I do believe quite a few people here are already playing games they are committed to for the time being.

    I myself am helping with running and organizing a static raid group in Final Fantasy XIV, then there is also me trying to get into writing for the shadowverse section of gamepress (it has a ton of steep requirements).

    However, when I do have some spare time I am definitely up for trying out a few things. Even have a teamspeak server available for use if need be.

  • i would say trove is our best option

    it isn't complicated so its easy to come in and come out

    it has a nice playerbase and community

    it has a building aspect that would be helpful for people that never were building in-game with a greater group

    it can be played casualy

    and its easy for friends to meet up and play in one area (it even has a teleport mechanic where you can warp to any player that you have befriended as long as they are not in a raid but for that you only need a invite)

    it is something that everybody could enjoy

    from the hardcore to the casual, from the grinder to the builder

    it is one of those games that could prepair us for peria in my opinion

    and if you ask, YES i have submited this game with the survey:saint: