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    What i can do for 100% is resotring them manually. If you want to keep your Stars take a screen and send it to me once we moved. Every other "active" User will receive 500 Stars, non-active 100.

    It depends. Since we have been hosted by until now i have to wait for them to transfer the Domain Ownership. Will prepare everything over the weekend, then i have to wait for 2p.

    I will try to find a way to restore them but since i have to move 3 websties it will take a while to restore everything.


    we will move to a new server next week. The website will not be available for 1-2 days + there doesnt seem to be a way to backup the "Stars" and some other features so we will be back to the basic features of our forums. Achievements will not be lost though.

    Sorry for that.

    September 10th 2017

    You have more customization options for your own profile now (check my profile for an example)

    You can now showcase up to 15 Trophies

    I don't know if you have any personal requirement for the roles you're looking for but I don't mind mentioning that if you still are in need of moderation, I can help with that as I have a lot of free time on my hands.

    They should be active on our forums at least since quite a while. Dont take it personal but i think giving members you dont really know moderative access is a bad idea.

    I'm looking for people who can help out in the following Positions:

    -Forum Moderator

    To make sure everyone follows the rules

    -Content Editor

    For news on our Frontpage

    -Video Editor

    For a Youtube Channel with general information about Peria and gameplay videos with commentary if we get access to the closed beta.


    If you are interested please send me a message

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