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    Hello there Pixel. Welcome to the community that you've been searching for. While you may have your fear of forums, I hope this forum will be the one for you to advance passed it. ^^

    By the way, I like your Avatar.

    As Rena comes to read your introduction, her face glows red like a tomato as she finishes up reading and then proceeds to greet Nyarko0 to the community.

    W-welcome to the fan community of P
    eria Chronicles. I-I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here with our f-friendly community.

    It just seems like it be fun to walk around with your Kirana, sit and eat with them (or just sit and eat and they watch).

    It be cool to kind of form a bond with a Kirana.

    Gave me an idea about if Kirana would be able to use their own personal social ability that shows emotions as much as any human would.

    Don't let my language stop ya from trying to connect with people :3 Welcome to the community that loves Peria Chronicles

    If the game will allow instruments, I hope there is an easy way to level up that as a skill without the process being a chore within itself.

    Welcome to the forum and it's community, I'd add ya on discord but I'm not really active or if so if I was, I'd be everywhere.

    But who cares about that, I'm happy enough to meet a new face :3

    I'm curious if you have a secret Tsundere side within you :3
    Welcome to the community of Peria Chronicles. I am your softie stranger known as KittyRena who'll gladly greet any good person who ends up coming by.

    Just make sure having a good time is a priority just as you would want within the game :3

    I just thought of this but I wonder if they'll add seasonal weather. That would be extremely awesome for me especially for winter time :3

    Sometimes, it's nice to have a lil fun with snow here and there and make snowman.

    Personally i'll be fine as long as it has a nice community and good graphics, other things like combat, skills etc are kind of secondary for me. Also thanks.

    Seeing that most people here even if a small community now is all nice people, I'm sure we'll have a great community ingame.

    Sowwie that I never greeted you yet but welcome to the community that is Peria Chronicles :3
    As I can see, you're already doing fine here.


    Sounds like a valid fair thing to point out.

    There are indeed people who do enjoy making their own fan content and I'm sure they wouldn't want it to be overshadowed by threads of different topics of the sort.

    Otherwise, you'll have to hope you place it in somewhere such as your signature or somewhere in your profile page.

    i agree, but i want building to take time more than be super difficult (but also not be too easy)

    That reminds me, I wonder if they have a system to keep people from placing holes everywhere because trolls.

    Besides that, I hope nothing important requires some sort of premium membership. I'm no fan of having to pay such thing especially when it's not worth the price.