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    Hiya everyone!

    So Anyway.. Kurtzpel, a game I just want to mention to everyone though it's not out yet.

    It's graphics are a bit similar to Peria so I thought it might interest some people, however it's still not out either ^^".

    It seems to be more PVP focused, I can't even say if it has an open world at all. But it looks pretty fun from what I can tell.

    I played the game last year on the G-star. It was obviously incomplete, but many people liked it. Maybe next time it will be even nicer.

    Too keep updating this thread with news; it seems possible of a G-Star entry (I guess you would call it that?) this year.

    After the article I read about questions answered about Peria.

    However, for all who read that article, is anyone able to make complete sense of it? Google translate isn't really the best... so it was hard to understand some things said in it.

    As you say, interviews can be difficult to understand in translation. I do not speak English well.

    Not all, but need a little help?

    I can tell if it is a very small part.

    Korean gamers are negative about Korean online games. It is also very negative for the Nexon game. They have little hope of playing or playing games online in Korea. Most of them just praise old online games. And it does not break out of old online games.

    The peria Chronicle is a sandboxed game. I personally think that sandbox games should have a lot of users. However, there are few online game users in Korea. So I think they need a global server. If so, many languages are needed.

    I believe Nexon is paying attention to global launch.

    So all our equipment, and the entire game is based on Kirana? Well thats something else... it means you fail a

    You are right.

    Without kirana it is defeated. As if it were not enough without an MP. This part may have a kirana recovery potion. Or it may recover naturally. I do not know this part. The battle of 2016G-STAR is close to prototype.

    Interesting, by any chance do you know what theyre making on the side?

    I do not know anything about the Peria Chronicle. They are very secretive and quiet.

    It's very frustrating, but I can not help it. Obviously, there is never much time given to them.

    Note that another PC online game they make is

    It is a sequel to the game 'Dungeon and Fighter'. This game title has been successful. So they should never fail a sequel.

    Oh great! If you see peria let us know :)

    Also the second sentence was just me talking about how we wont be able to fight against kirana without kirana

    I do not know if it will appear in the G-star this year. But official news is obviously from late October to early November. Until then, I can not tell anything other than guessing.

    The second one I would like to explain more.

    Humans can not fight without Kirana. It is impossible without Kirana. However, Kirana's form varies. For example, a sword resembles a sword. Kira is like a bow. They do not fight like other Kirana but are used by the user (avatar) as a weapon or tool. Maybe the same thing about combat, such as armor and helmets.

    But. This part of the G-star in 2016 was a lot of intellectuals and may come out to change a lot.

    So thingsoft has divided their team in 2 rather than finishing Peria? Or are they also getting help from Nexons employees?

    It is difficult to speak this in English.

    Some employees have been dispatched from nexon. Whether this is helpful or not, it is a collaboration.

    thingsoft 'peria chronicle' development is not over. thingsoft pulled out the mobile game team. Instead, they created another PC game team. It is not related to 'peria chronicle'.

    Wow thats awesome, thanks for the detail! Are you going to attend G-Star if they show up this year?

    Also if thats the case looks like we really wont be able to fend for ourselves unless we have really good armour

    I go to the G-star every year.

    I did not understand the second sentence. sorry :-


    When I played the peria chronicles in G-Star, one avatar had a variety of Kirana. Kirana to attack enemies, Kira to teleport, Kirana to attack, Kira to equip.

    It can be carried as a deck like TCG (Trading Card Game). Depending on the combination, the user may be a tanker or a healer.

    If you have all the Kirana, you can do any position in the party.

    Kirana is a skill, weapon, armor.

    The difference is what kind of Kirana you take when you enter the dungeon.

    But this is also two years ago, so I do not know how it is now.

    This is not a fact. It is a contextual analysis.

    November 2016 G-star. The coupon will be available until December 2020. Of course, the game may come before that.

    Game testing is long. Korean MMO RPG takes more than a year. Considering this, there is likely to be a game test in 2018. Is this optimistic?

    Recently, Nexon development team had restructuring. It is not fired. They divided the team in detail. Of course the thing is soft too. They shared mobile games and PC development. In fact, this is not important. The important thing is that the head developer is back.

    He is an important developer, and may soon tell the news. This is certainly optimistic, but I think.

    There is a subsidy for thingsoft recently. In fact, this is not just for the peria chronicle. thingsoft is also making another PC online game. This is also a very important project.

    Anyway. There is no news in Korea. Sooner or later, illustrations may be released ... but this is not news.

    I wrote this as a Google Translator.

    Hello. I do not speak English. I still sympathize with your curiosity. This country also has no news ... Small questions can be answered with a smile.

    Hello. English is always difficult. The translation is always helped by the Google teacher. I am Korean. There is a great interest in the peria chronicle. I want to be with everyone.

    Nexon Korea does not say clearly release date. Nexon said it was winter, but winter is almost over.

    Well I'm glad we kind of get what it is now. Darn, .


    it's getting later in December, about to end. Do you guys still think we will get some December news?

    It is difficult. I think it is January or February, not December. December Web news is probably misleading. All other web news said "winter". They did not say it was December.