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    I really want to make a guy with a straw hat to be honest!

    But I usually make females.

    :O! yes! I can't wait to see all the clothing options they have for just starting out. This is actually my first time seeing screenshots of the male creator and now I'm even more pumped for this game

    He said PEEPS, me like you long time :^)

    But in all seriousness, I can't decide. So i'll make both :D I don't know which one will be my main yet but I think i'll stick to guys for now. Hopefully we get some cool battle armour or something of the sort

    Aw thanks Mecha! I'm glad you like how I talk haha

    I already know I'm going to be spending hours on just this part of the game when it becomes available :') I love character creation. Especially when there's a decent amount of options and the art style is so aahhhh~sthetic! But yeah, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of amazing battle armour. I cant imagine that they would do all this hard work and not have some cool options to buy or earn in-game the moment of release.

    I'm ready to see more male character creation.

    Still haven't decided on a male or female yet... ; - ;

    This is the first game where I've actually been on the fence about female or male character creation... the style is so pleasing to look at! I usually stick to making dude's, so I would love to see more character creation options for the guys... but still :')

    or just, the option to play around with character design. I'm not that picky at this point and I havent even been waiting as long as some of these other peeps haha

    for mmo's im trying mabinogi but no one is really on during the time I am, and school's gotten too hectic for me to stay up late for the few I managed to meet

    Other than that, ff15, da:i, and I recently bought The Last of Us : P and...pocket camp.

    not that I have the time haha

    I'm down to join too, if i can manage to get in or if the connection is stable enough for me.

    Maybe some other unrelated things or random names, just for fun:

    • Muirea
    • aeterna / aeternus
    • Feria (Get it, mistranslation from google Feria -> Peria :3)

    Feria is short and simple, I like it! Especially the added goof bonus of being mistranslated haha