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    Hello Zura! Do not worry, almost everyone here eating sadness because of Peria ;-;. I hope for the New Year we will have a gift in the form of Peria, and we will all eat sweets;).

    No worries! What's your main language? Maybe you can teach me some words and then we can have secret conversations no one can understand, haha.

    Oh, that's so sweet ^-^ . As I said earlier, my national language is Ukrainian, but I also speak a lot in Russian. It will be fun to teach you some words * mysteriously twitches eyebrows * :^)

    Welcome to the Peria family MissDuckling!

    Your name is really really really cute. ; - ;

    We hope you enjoy your time here and get to make lots of friends while you wait! ♥

    And don't worry, I've been speaking English my whole life and I still mess up often, haha.

    Forgive me for responding so late, Saikochai. I completely flew it out of my head.

    Thank you! I start to enjoy it all, although sometimes there is a strange feeling that I do not understand what topic everyone is talking about хд.

    Welcome Dev. Maybe this is not visible, but there are always people who quietly observe * mysteriously drives their eyebrows *, so that active people are definitely there.

    I hope soon we will all be able to play in the "Expectations Chronicles online".

    Greetings, Kael! The combat system of the game is a little vague, but I see that we have an inveterate healer хд. I hope for your services ;). And yes, welcome to waiting lol.

    Hello MissDuckling, a pleasure to meet another member of the community. I'm gonna keep it short since there are a lot of people to greet, but yes, nice to greet you.

    Dont worry about mistakes in your text, we all understand your situation lol. Nice you meet you, may we one day cross paths in-game!

    I also enjoy our acquaintance. I still hope that we will meet in Peria, when she will be published.

    So I've been on this forum for almost a month and I haven't said a thing. I decided I should at least hello. I've only been waiting for this game for 2 months and that's no where near how long everyone else has been waiting. I've also never really played any MMOs before and the only reason I got interested in this one was because of its cell shading, but once I got into its lore and all the Kirana in the game. I couldn't help but feel really excited about it. I want to say thanks for making a site where people from across the land can talk and hope about this beautiful game. That's it I guess, I'll just go back into my cave now...

    I am much less here, but I need to greet you :0. We, like you, have long been excited, for Peria is a worthwhile project. Do not go back to the "cave", the company will be more fun (said dude, which afraid of people) ;).

    Finally finished xд. I started Peria's mania again, so I wanted to draw art for this game. In me, again, the desire to know the game's lore flared up, and I'm just rushing, to think through the story of the character that I want to create in the game.

    And now, to your eyes, I imagine her, Eika! So far, I have little to say about her, but I have some sketches since 2014. She is not the only one character in my Peria history, there are only 2 of them lol. And one can not exist without the other, because their stories are connected. Probably after a while, I'll start drawing Leo, and then I can add to the posts, their history.

    welcome to the community

    i've read that you're afraid of people so i'll just give you a cat hug to make you feel welcome

    sorry i'm late but be assured that i did not forget, i just had a busy time
    and last but not least, welcome to the forum
    i hope to see you around

    Oh, it's very nice ~ Thank you, it's nothing that you're a little late, thanks for the kitty.