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    I haven't been playing mmos for a while, honestly ever since i found out about Peria everything else has seen like..well, trash to me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for games?

    I have the same feel... I would like to play something this xmas, but there is nothing good for me :( sometimes I play overwatch but is not what I want, I just can wait for Peria while playing fate grand order on my phone.

    Hey Dev and Welcome! I hope you can stay with us until game launch! If you need healer (or something like that xD) ing just call me o/

    for mmo's im trying mabinogi but no one is really on during the time I am, and school's gotten too hectic for me to stay up late for the few I managed to meet

    Other than that, ff15, da:i, and I recently bought The Last of Us : P and...pocket camp.

    not that I have the time haha

    Wow FFXV backgrounds are pretty amazings!

    Id say try/play guild wars 2, I know its recommended a lot (Even I personally dont play it anymore) but it might be a good time waster

    Umm i don't knwo if gw2 is good but I will check it.. friend told me that "gw2 is thebest game"

    Welcome!!!!!! I'm not sure about my english and my spelling But I'm here ahah xD so don't worry about language o/ that profile picture is pretty funny ahah xd!

    Oh you can draw a circle. It may not be a perfect circle, but nothing is perfect anyway ^^ Just keep on practicing and you'll be able to draw anything in great detail.

    I will! but I'm so bad at manual works.. If I get married, it will be with someone who has studied graphic design xDD

    I'm playing LoL, Tales of Berseria, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing Pocket Town atm. I have Overwatch but I'm still a noob and I don't really have people to play with lul.

    We can play overwatch if you want(I'm noob too also I just know how to play mercy and dva xd) Is tales of berseria a mobile game or something? I really wanna play something about it!

    Welcome Kael, glad to have ya! Your name reminds me of a character i had on one of my phone games. I went by Kaol lol. Anyways, have fun here and participate when ya want. As long as your cool with that and your down with that, then we're all good to go. May we one day cross paths in-game!

    Ahh my name is from Warcraft II xd Kaelthas I didn't play Dota or something liek that..

    Greetings, Kael! The combat system of the game is a little vague, but I see that we have an inveterate healer хд. I hope for your services ;). And yes, welcome to waiting lol.

    My blade is at your service(Irelia) I mean my heals xD! thank you!

    What do you think about FFXIV? I was playing it before but.. I feel it was very slow I don't know.. maybe I can pay another month for check those new updates, also I wanna play Closers but I'm waiting until the f2p.. is it from enmmase right?