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    i don't really know if this is the right place to put this question but

    what exactly are stars for? i can't really find anywhere where it says what they're used for or if they're even used for anything

    Hello everyone ^^ thank you for the welcomes, im looking forward tot talking more with all of you. Im pretty new to using forums so sorry if it takes me a bit to figure everything out ^^;

    Ah, i played tree of savior for a bit but i wiped my computer recently and havent redownloaded it -- I played dragon nest for a while too but got kinda bored with it. I'd like to try blade and soul again but its lie...35gb for not even the whole game, even though the website says its 22.

    Hi, uh, I don't really know hwo many people are still active on this but I hope if people are active i'll be able to join in on what happens here! You can call me Dev if you want, I really hope to talk to people on here and (hopefully) play Peria with all of you once it comes out!

    I haven't been playing mmos for a while, honestly ever since i found out about Peria everything else has seen like..well, trash to me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for games?