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    Nice to have another artist onboard. I look forward to seeing your work on the forum lol. I too am an artist, and I too yearn for the creative aspects of this game. May we one day cross paths in-game!

    P.s. I also played Mabinogi, I was on Ruairi server in a guild named Oddblock. I never actually stated this on the forum so if anyone recognizes that guild, perhaps you know me lol.

    Once Peria opens I will be pretty active on it so we might. When I played Mabinogi my server was also Ruairi, I have a very faint memory of seeing a guild called Oddblock so I might have. But that was years ago so I'm unsure anymore.

    Currently I haven't been playing too many games, but best I can say is Overwatch and Defiance. However once Monster Hunter World comes out... I'll be hooked on a game in my free time for sure.

    :D A lot of people have called this Mabinogis true succesor, I can agree with it in a sense. It just may not be everything mabinogi could/shouldve been.

    I just wish they had posted the alpha(G-star 2016 demo) publicly for us fans to play around with. Make sure you stay in touch with news by following their facebook too!

    I'm okay if it doesn't have everything Mabinogi does, anything is better than what Vindictus came out to be. I also wish they released the alpha, or at least the character creator. I'm always a sucker for those, and it could help promote the game by showing off the customization freedom.

    I do follow the FB already, thanks for the advice!

    Hello! I'm a Peria Chronicle fan whose been waiting with excitement since about 2012~2013. When hearing about more news coming during this Winter, I'm really hoping for its release just to know it'll be a published/playable game. :love:

    I'm just an artist so I'll probably be fiddling with the character creator and the sandbox elements it will come with. ...And maybe be the Mabinogi 2 we deserve.