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    Thank you! Here's two that I don't hate as much as the other ones, the 2nd being a friend's character from another game, even though it's still just the lineart but I had no idea what else to dig out.

    Shh we do not talk of the tsundere side ; A ;
    And yeah, everyone seems so friendly so I'm sure it's gonna be fun!

    Omg so pretty :O

    Those aqua blue eyes are hypnotising.

    Ooo what game is your friend making?

    i don't like nice dinners, they make everything way too fancy
    food should just be eaten, not used to make something nice looking.

    but no, i mean actual studying since i have exams in januari

    What's wrong with nice looking food xD?

    I mean how it's present can affect your appetite,

    I just don't want to see people making a million accounts just to gather 'concept'.

    A "concept" is a resource that an individual produces. You can't do anything with a low amount of concept, but if you give your concept to someone you trust, just like voting for them, that person can do a crazy thing with it.

    Say you need 100 resources to make "law that bans PK in this village", and the resource is produced one per hour. For one person to do it, it takes 100 hours, but you can get it from other people. And if you install the sign there, you can enforce the law within the area.

    Idk about anyone else but this concept seems really easy to exploit ;-;

    Congrats on mod xD

    Welcome Rena!

    Much read. Lots wow. Don't know start where.

    Well okay let's see.

    1) Completely agree. Socialising in MMOs isn't what it used to be xD, the people either never talk or are just toxic x.x

    2) I grew up around social MMOs as well (I blame them for my social awkwardness irl). This forum has that same energy and community feel you probably looking for so I reckon you'll feel right at home here!

    3) Damn that nostalgia is hitting me right in the feels ;-;

    Welcome Nico!!!

    It's always good to have new members around who are just as hyped as everyone else :P

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

    I hope you like our little community ^_^

    Also wouldn't mind being a moderator :P.

    I tend to visit at least once per day just to read up on any new posts and seeing what's going on with the community :P.

    P.S. Death to those pesky spam bots.

    well, here's a proposal if it's not dev implemented:
    who wants to build a sanctuary with me

    it will be focused around a giant library

    The issue with building in groups is that you have to have a blueprint of sorts else everyone will just be building willy nilly based on what they think it should look like. It might just be better to have people support you through resources unless the project is just that big you can't build it alone.

    I'm making a colosseum game mode, you'll be able to participate in PvP tournaments either against players or against npcs for a record. If i can, I'm also gonna make a questline for some of the stories I'm writing. You'll be able to play through some of my stories as part of the main cast.

    Sounds amazingly fun and would definitely like to try it out.

    Stuff like skyscrapers, or sidewalk material. A road material and modern lighting would also be good examples.

    The initial idea for the combat was a decent mix. Tales' mobility, Persona's mechanics. Instead of summoning though, you'll be able to do something else unique to your party.

    I'd probably hold off on the more 'niche' ideas/themes until we get a better look at what's available in game

    Everyone will probably end up going on the online wiki page so building your own in-game version might be more for novelty than practicality.

    They are same at one place: UGC is game's theme, and all other system are for UGC system.

    SkySaga in latter alpha versions(after α 8), players can release their island to publish page.

    And add a "LumoStone" system: Wireless connection among sensor, logic element and effector.

    The thing is, UGC is a very broad term and I think it's somewhat far fetched to project the revenue shortcomings of MapleStory2 and SkySaga onto Peria.

    In your first post you talked about " the future of online UGC" being "worrying" as a result of MS2 and SS but you also neglected to acknowledge the UGCs which have been doing well; Black Desert, Archage, Trove, MineCraft, Creativerse and a whole bunch more.

    We're seeing a whole heap of UGC games being released and developed and it's expected that some games do better than others. It's something which happens with every genre so if anything I reckon UGC is the future of gaming and we'll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming years.