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    couldnt find the comment, I know im super late sorry! :(

    Also are you in the discord Miraculous? we were talking about it over there too, im thinking itll be at gstar this year. If not well its another 2 years of wait maybe...

    Yeah I am on the discord but I never use it. Kinda got sick of being ignored whenever I pop in to say hi xD. Fingers crossed for G-Star.

    Totally is, theres something like 500+ comments of people being impatient (With good reason)

    Ill tell you guys what, tomorrow ill look for them all day during my breaks and if i find the comment ill post it :D

    A global launch would be nice but is it likely idk? at this point theyve already spent quite a bit

    Think we might be getting a chinese version:

    "New developments include <Chronicle of Feria>, <BnB Mobile> to serve in China"

    Translated source:
    Original Source:…&utm_content=84910&nogate

    Honestly this will probably result in people renting land to other players, but I think they will probably make a system so that players cant just grab all the land, although I am worried about people building giant walls outside of cities to keep players in

    Yeah I suspected as much when I said "How realistic is this? Probably not very" which is also why I tagged this under "fluff".

    Still it'll be interesting to see how much a single player or a group of players can influence this game xD.

    Yeah that gave me quite a bit of hope for the game, its refreshing to see active interest

    Went back to the original article. The $5.64M went to Nexon as a whole and "will be used for new development and operation". How much will go to Peria wasn't stated. That's just going off the Google Translator, maybe someone who can read Korean can verify?

    Peria: Hey guys, we're finally making a sandbox game with a permission system where practically everything can be controlled by players.

    Fans: Wooo, let's take this incredible system and play minecraft with it.

    Really guys? ;-;

    Honestly now, I'm sure most of us at some point in our lives have thought to ourselves "hmm... wouldn't it be nice if I just took over everything b/c why the hell not?"

    With Peria we might finally be able to do just that (or at least control a large portion of the world) given that the world is self-wrapping.

    You can run forever, but circular. It's like a small planet. But if it's too short, it will be weird, so we will have some distance that will be longer than your vision that can be wrapped, and you will see the world being repeated.

    From third-person POV, zones will be sphere, but players will see flat, like screen scrolling. This is under development.

    So, unless everyone receives their own "planet", this essentially means there'll only a finite amount of land ergo world domination = possible.

    How realistic is this? Probably not very but we'll try anyway (or at least kid ourselves until we learn more about the permission system).

    I've always wanted to play the role of the big bad villain. Anyone interested in joining me?

    I think the lack of news mixed with the fact that they gave news earlier doesnt help. Keeps fans on their toes when theres nothing to really wait for as of yet,

    I dream of the day somebody uploads or says "Peria Chronicles is finally out, FOR REAL"

    With the latest news about securing additional funding at least we know there's still active investment and long-term financial interest in the game. The $5.6M will keep them going for quite some time and is definitely enough to keep my hopes alive for quite some time.

    Korean gamers are negative about Korean online games. It is also very negative for the Nexon game. They have little hope of playing or playing games online in Korea. Most of them just praise old online games. And it does not break out of old online games.

    The peria Chronicle is a sandboxed game. I personally think that sandbox games should have a lot of users. However, there are few online game users in Korea. So I think they need a global server. If so, many languages are needed.

    I believe Nexon is paying attention to global launch.

    The developer is korean, english is the most spoken language, if there is no chinese translation there will be a huge backlash like with Nier…are-a-powerful-new-voice/

    I get what you guys are saying and I agree that they'll likely be looking towards a global release at some stage (given the drawn-out production time and costs) but unless we can dig up the FB post Mecha was referring to it's all just speculation at this point. We should also avoid telling anybody that there's "definitely" going to be a release until we can verify it.

    Knowing Nexon, it'll probs be another 2-3 years after full release before we get an English translation x.x

    Also surprisingly enough there was a post on the official facebook from them addressing the areas/langauges they plan on covering. those 3 were listed. Might be able to find it if I take a look

    Couldn't find the reference on their FB page. It might be hidden amongst the sea of comment replies i briefly skimmed over.

    Hey there,

    I'm Mira, but I also go by the username "SockMonster" in most forums/games. You might've already seen me around this forum, you might not have. It's been quite a number of months since then. i figured since I didn't make an introductory post when i first joined, I'd take the opporunity to do that now which will also be a nice way of announcing my return.

    **Insert story of how i discovered peria blah blah blah

    SO more about me (not that anybody's interested);I'm just your typical sleep deprived, uni student from australia but no matter how busy life gets I usually make time every night for tv/anime or more recently gaming (recently got back into heroes of the storm) to help me unwind from the day. yes, yes, i know. Fairly typical of the average person here who likes anime and games so i thought i'd spice things up with a few of my quirks:

    1) I don't usually listen to music except for when i need to focus. I have a particular playlist i turn on when studying for exams or finishing some last minute assessments to help me not procrastinate.

    2) loves seafood but absolutely dispise fish. blehh.

    3) easily amused by the most random and mundane things ever.

    4) Is still salty about being seenzoned a couple months back.

    Anyway, I'm planning on taking a gap year in 2019, any ideas what I could do with all that time? Other than the typical "travel" response. :P

    feel free to msg me for any reason (or absolutely no reason at all) since I'm always up for a chat.

    Some games take longer to develop. Take Diablo 3 for instance, took them 11 years. Since peria is more or less a sandbox, Id say we can expect an alpha soon, but it would probably take another 2 years for full release.

    Seems like they might have bitten off a bit more than they can chew with this project. It's definitely ambitious so the long development times really aren't all that surprising but The lack of news is definitely doesn't help with morale.

    I kinda feel like a lot of people haven't given up on hope quiet yet but don't necessarily expect to hear anything anytime soon either. I guess it's not so bad since you won't get disappointed with months of radio silence and it'll come as a pleasant surprise for when they do make an announcement.

    Thank you! Here's two that I don't hate as much as the other ones, the 2nd being a friend's character from another game, even though it's still just the lineart but I had no idea what else to dig out.

    Shh we do not talk of the tsundere side ; A ;
    And yeah, everyone seems so friendly so I'm sure it's gonna be fun!

    Omg so pretty :O

    Those aqua blue eyes are hypnotising.

    Ooo what game is your friend making?

    i don't like nice dinners, they make everything way too fancy
    food should just be eaten, not used to make something nice looking.

    but no, i mean actual studying since i have exams in januari

    What's wrong with nice looking food xD?

    I mean how it's present can affect your appetite,

    I just don't want to see people making a million accounts just to gather 'concept'.

    A "concept" is a resource that an individual produces. You can't do anything with a low amount of concept, but if you give your concept to someone you trust, just like voting for them, that person can do a crazy thing with it.

    Say you need 100 resources to make "law that bans PK in this village", and the resource is produced one per hour. For one person to do it, it takes 100 hours, but you can get it from other people. And if you install the sign there, you can enforce the law within the area.

    Idk about anyone else but this concept seems really easy to exploit ;-;