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    Honestly this will probably result in people renting land to other players, but I think they will probably make a system so that players cant just grab all the land, although I am worried about people building giant walls outside of cities to keep players in

    With the latest news about securing additional funding at least we know there's still active investment and long-term financial interest in the game. The $5.6M will keep them going for quite some time and is definitely enough to keep my hopes alive for quite some time.

    Yeah that gave me quite a bit of hope for the game, its refreshing to see active interest

    Well I said 2 years later but honestly its been longer. And I get it, refreshed engine and graphics but dang, they shouldve just stayed low on the radar. If theres anything you dont want to give fans is hope too early because then hype will make them crazy! Take me for example :(

    Yeah I feel you man whenever I hear news about this game no matter how small I lose my mind, like stop it I can only get so erect

    I want to dip my foot in all things peria so im down to help, what type of quest would you be making? Fetch quest, survival etc? Personally I really like the idea of challenging quest, not dark souls level but just enough to make you try hard enough

    Sorry for such a late response, but I was thinking of generally making all types of quests, I simply wanna make worldbuilding things.

    For example if you've ever played games like Oblivion you get a lot of quests that are simply bring this to the merchant and you will receive an apple, I think things like that are just nice little things, but I also intend on creating a quest area based on one of my builds from around 1.5 years ago on minecraft, it was a massive underground cavern with rivers and waterfalls that was completely forested with a quaint village in the center