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    Weird,,, looks like the site font has changed. All caps all the time?

    Rip peria, hopefully this year its out somewher. Im just hoping they at least give us all they promised/showed

    If that happens we'll have a great game on our hands, so lets see!

    ((seriously what's up with the caps?))

    Yeah I know where you're getting at. B2P wouldn't be bad but this is Nexon... they love that F2P P2W or at least spend like mad on our cash shop stuff.

    Right now my greatest hope is to actually see the game outside of a beta or development (As in on a live server) that way I can finally rest easy knowing its out somewhere

    Indeed, we won't be seeing a fair model coming from Nexon i guess, which is too bad.... I hope they dont ruin everything, but I'm staying with a positive mind about it.

    Same here, just let us play damnit!!! ahahahha

    I'm glad to come back to this place and see a bunch of new people! Hello my name is Haruka and I don't post much, but I'm you'll see me around here sometimes. Also I love Portugal, don't know why just do.

    Anyway welcome to this forum and I hope to see in Peria Chronicles! ^^

    Hey there Haruka!! Glad to know you love Portugal! Have you visited Portugal already? If not you really should, best place to eat and rest peacefully IMO ahhahahahah

    Thanks, we'll definitely see each other!!

    I'm Osiris and I'm from Portugal, it's nice to make your acquaintance.

    I haven't been excited for an online game as I am for Peria Chronicles in ages. The last four online games i remember being really excited for were Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine, Face of Mankind, SWTOR and The Secret World. After spending good amounts of time looking for stuff about this game I decided to join this community,

    I've been away from computer gaming since the downfall of SWTOR and TSW because i spilled vodka onto my computer, but finally I bought a new one, so I'm back to computer gaming!! I also play on my PS4 (PSN: Nhokonhaka in case you want to add me).

    I love sci-fi, cyberpunk and anime games. I have a beautiful brown Labrador and a grumpy cat that loves to hunt at night.

    I hope that we get a chance to play together and I look foward to seeing you all in game.

    Thank you for your time, im sending you guys the biggest hug from Portugal.

    lol as long as a game is f2p in someway I think id be fine grinding for the stuff. Unless its like grinding for land thats lame

    I would glady grind for stuff as well, the problem is that most f2p games tend to follow the p2w road, and that's why i wouldnt mind a b2p game without p2w stuff. And remember this....Nexon.

    I've been playing a lot of Star Wars Battlefront 2,Destroy all Humans (1 &2) and BioShock. I'm also going to replay SMT: Nocturne and start Devil Summoner.

    As for pc online games, i only play SMT: Imagine (chinese server) sometimes.

    I wouldn't mind a b2p format without p2w stuff. There's always a big risk with free mmo's. Still i'm hoping that cash will only be used for cosmetics and not p2w stuff. A game such as this being p2w would throw me into a water well and drown me.