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    There are many systems that could be in place instead of a tradition player level system, such as kirana levels (standard levels), character power level (based on gear), multiple "life" skill ranking system, or maybe something new

    I melt just by looking at Omarim. But the more humanoid variants might be my choice in the end (e.g. Tominia, Trivel or Adil).

    OMARIMMSSSSSSS. Maybe also a handful of Puyangs and a sprinkle of Rotas.

    Right now mostly Overwatch and Battlefeld 1, along with some Revelation Online and Black Desert. :P

    My friend bought me BDO Europe yesterday, so I guess we are going to play that for a while, atleast until Revelation goes into CBT2/OBT.

    I have played BDO Japan before but I quit it pretty quickly because the same friend couldn't play that reliably due to VPN issues.

    :DD Let's play BDO together? I need some people to play with me right now D: Grinding is getting boring, and I have yet to try out scroll bosses.

    I am especially worried about content using Kirana. If you look at the combat video using Kirana, which is the central element of the game, they still have a long way to go. They really need to complete 'Kirana' contents.

    However, planners play an important role in game development. They have to make enjoyable games for players. They are also in charge of coordinating feedback between the programmer and the designer to make sure the game looks perfect

    I got my understanding of the planning team from your initial post:

    2. Planning Team

    - UI / UX planning
    - Scenario planning
    - Contents and system planning related to item synthesis / assembly, creature cultivation

    company introduction

    They are responsible for planning out UI, how the game looks from player perspective, quest planning, and planning how aspects of the game, such as items and mobs, work together with each other.

    And from my assumed definition of the planning team, that's where I got the statement that Peria is wayyy behind in their development stages.

    Um.. maybe I'm just inexperienced.. but I feel like that spells out bad news for us.
    The fact that they are looking for so many staff, no, not even, they are straight up looking for teams is troublesome. It seems like they are really lacking in content. On top of that, they are trying to recruit fundamental teams, like planning?? That just tells me that Peria needs a looooot of work.

    Hopefully we can still see something in 2017 though

    i'd say you could do that with python either way

    wether you use peria for it or any other medium won't make much of a difference

    except for maybe peria being a game wich makes it more fun but if they already want to get into coding, you don't need peria's fun factor and you can just give them the bare bones python

    Well what I mean is the sense of accomplishment when you make something happen and the motivation to get there. I know a lot of people who just don't get a lot of joy from making the screen display "hello world" or calculate a bunch of numbers, and as a result, they lose motivation to learn more. But I feel like with Peria, if you can make a clock tick, or a window open, it looks a lot cooler, and it kinda feels like you're the game designer. Also you have motivation to learn how to code, since you get to make all these cool mechanics.

    I learnt C and Java before Python, and Python is pretty easy to grasp if you already know languages like C.

    In my opinion, python is much easier to learn than C so you should be good.

    qq this makes me feel a lot better.

    I wonder if peria coding is user friendly enough that I can introduce to my friends who wants to look into coding

    I don't think it would be too hard. Obviously on one hand, the tetris game is filled with pages of code, but if you look at some of the other creations, it looks like we get to play with a flow chart, which is one of the first things you learn in coding. It just requires a bit of logic, imo, "If this happens, go down this path of the flow chart, else, go down the other path". That's all under the assumption that normal players aren't going to be coding games like tetris on a daily basis