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    So i was on some kind of wikipedia page for Peria Chronicles. It was completely in korean, but when translated it said something about maybe they would try and do an open beta test in 2019? I'm not sure though, and I don't know if this is already known but thats good news to me? Hopefully google translated it correctly and this will be true... ^^

    If anyone would like to check this information, since i am in no way saying this is a fact or that this is confirmed or anything..., this was the site:…C%97%B0%EB%8C%80%EA%B8%B0

    asdfgghjkll yes please count me in

    im so excited for this game

    Creating a side story would be best in my opinion. Or it could operate as the story of the clan/group we create.. I'm definitely going to focus on the community part of this game, since it sounds so much fun.

    Maybe we write the beginning or the origins of the group first and then build and play around it once the game is out? We could update the story from time to time as we go. It would be more dynamic that way?