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    I wonder if developers will support a single global server for all players, like in EVE Online? It seems to me that for a game that is focused on content created by players, it is especially important to have a single information and game space. Is there any information on this?

    I hope that programming will provide extensive opportunities to customize the game interface for interacting with the community. Since it is assumed that the goals and objectives of the players will be varied, it would be wise to allow players to flexibly customize the management tools of clans or communities, rather than using only basic tools. Especially such things should be useful for coordinating the actions of large groups of players.


    Immediately I apologize for my bad English, since this is not my native language, so I have to use Google translator.

    Quite by chance I found out about this project and would like to wish the developers good luck. If everything works out as planned, then this will be a real revolution in the MMORPG genre, which has almost stayed in place since the release of Ultima Online in 1996.

    I will be especially glad to see Russian-speaking users here, if there are any.