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    First of all:

    Its gotta be Kirana interaction, how he Kirana interact with the players, enviroment, and maybe even NPCs.

    It would be nice if there were Kirana that could either be the tanks or the supports in battle.

    Ex. Tank Kiranas that are tough enough that they could withstand damage, and support that could give buffs (would be nice if they could even buff weapons).

    A beautiful world of Peria, worthy enough to be called of a "Chronicle". (But from the trailers, as long as there won't be mess ups in the design, then the world of the game would be absolutely gorgeous.

    I would love to have an even more complex character customization (if possible).

    BUT MOST OF ALL I just want the House making to have a customization like the kind in some house-making games (except we can live in it, camera via usual MMO style), like acutally living IN IT!!! Sitting at your couch or chair, sleeping on your bed, just looking at the scenery at your balcony. I NEED THAT, if possible. Doing all of those stuff with your KIRANA, just thinking of that excites me so much.

    Then having your friend visit your SELF-CUSTOMIZED HOUSE! Damn I would love it.

    An interesting thought:

    Maybe we could give OUTFITS or COSTUMES for our Kiranas?

    Just something I thought of just now.

    This may be a late react XD but thanks for the compliment. I am actually a big fan for Game Lores so I hope that some people would try and see how interesting a world that you could play in yourself could be haha.

    we already know mariel is a type of kirana, more specifically the doll-like one that this piece of lore talks about.

    Kirana Discussion Thread as you can see here. seeing as it's among the kirana tribes, it's very likely that it can be used like any other kirana can.

    mariel also shows up in the tutorial videos as seen here First 20 Minutes Gameplay Analysis and Discussion and she seems to be friendly.

    I'm sorry I didn't see that at first so I wasn't really that informed about that.

    Thats why I said "Analyzing from the New Lore given" at first, to not give any wrong ideas.

    Thanks for telling me oeroe-senpai (if I can call you that, would it be creepy?).

    I swear if people will make too many Kirito avatars, This rule will be posted on a gigantic banner in front of a town/city:

    Second Rule: Ban black short-haired overpowered beaters,flying black spriggans, a woman?, some self-proclaimed knight, and Incest cause that illegal

    I would love to be able to design my own house in the game, not just the "skin" type of one but the customization with the windows, doors, roofs, and everything. Going through the outside and the insides. One of the things I would be worrying about is how much it would cost and how much time would it take to get the money for it. Customization is also going to be one of the KEY factors to this game (though I'm worrying about that because from what I saw from the trailers). The interaction with the Kirana and how "real" they would feel is also important (From their behavior and their interactions with the player and surroundings). The combat system is obviously a factor, since there will be player generated quests, the combat should not be boring and would make the best potential with having to control two avatars. Player generated quests also needs more freedom and should feel that it should be needed to even make one. Like needing resources and such.

    Quests should always give the feeling of adventure. It should never be just a grinding simulator but also feel like you're making your own story. Usually, we players tend to just party with our friends to make the quest better but the quests should also play a part in this, especially on story oriented ones. The thing about Blade and Soul was that the Story was only about you: The Main Character, and you ALONE. It will be good for this game to be a party-oriented game because the game is also having partners or Kirana in the game. It needs not only quests but also social interaction with not just the players but also with the Kirana. That is what I think a quest in a game like Peria Chronicles should feel like.

    I want in MMORPGs is FREEDOM, Freedom to do any crazy shit you can think of, Falling off a Mountain, Putting Mobs on weird places, and most of all making your own shit and having a great time.

    Plot twist

    We were Akasha all along, After winning the war we possessed the humans and controlled them living peacefully with the Kirana and becoming their companions and killing the evil Akasha, only to find out that they were the human souls that we kicked out of their bodies and we were the Akasha!!!!

    My Thoughts on the Lore (Analyzing from the new Lore given).:

    - The clockwork doll or supposed to be "Akasha's Kirana" will surely be a great factor or NPC in the game, if not a bystander, they will probably be an enemy.

    - It says: "When a shooting star flew by one night", so that means Peria Chronicles will have some connections with the stars and it might even affect the game.

    - "Akasha was making a toy called Kirana", It indicates that Akasha or Mariel's History sees "Kirana" as toys.

    - “Fellow Contractors, we are mariel, we have come to help you",As I see it 'Mariel' would be an organization that will maybe help the contractors (us) in their adventures with the Kirana, it also states that Mariel are also composed of Contractors and it may be composed of NPCs that are able to fight with us in certain special quest, in the future.

    - Mariel would be an organization that existed long enough to even know of the history of the creation of Kirana - Mariel’s History -

    - If not an organization, Mariel would probably be an ancient kingdom.

    - "while she was still in the middle of making Kirana, she wished that she had her own Kirana to help her.If only I had someone kind enough to talk to, someone to catch my mistakes" , As it is written here, Akasha is described to be a being that felt loneliness and wanted kindness, she was somewhat pessimistic "my mistakes" even though she was a powerful being. Even though Akasha is supposed to be "the evil god of chaos", she had a somewhat lingering kindness inside here, more like it was that she didn't know how to express it.

    Though its just a THEORY.

    Why would you like to join:

    I would love to venture the game with other people, meeting and playing with friends is always a fun and better way to play a game.

    What will you bring to the table:

    Group Hug!!!

    just asking but how would you lose this community, the only way i can think of is when the game releases and it happens to be shit and we all go our own way but i think that this game is so hyped for that even in that case ppl will keep playing it:saint:

    I'm talking about all the trolls and ragers entering, being all smug