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    I was not sure where to post this, so mods feel free to move this to the right section.

    Hello again people who remember me (though I am sure with my inactivity and how long it has been not many will ^^) and welcome to all new members who joined since I last logged in. (There's quite a lot of you now and that is amazing).

    Every time I peek into this site it feels completely different from before just showing how much it has grown in the last year or so, my hat goes off to the entire team of people who have been running this community (especially furia, this site is amazing).

    I am sure in time I will get to know some of you a bit better and hopefully I will stick around for much longer this time around without other obligations getting in the way. I look forward to catching up on all the latest happenings regarding the game and this community both.

    All that being said and done I have some questions:

    • Is there a discord server I could join? I am using it as my main social platform for all things gaming and would enable me to get even more involved.
    • My forum notifications are in the hundreds when it comes to unread posts, is there a way to clear this? I will still be going through the most relevant ones not to worry!
    • Is there any particular threads you recommend I go through? Be it for news or just entertainment, please feel free to suggest one!

    That will be all from me for now, I will be seeing you in future posts!

    Strangely enough your peria video came up in my recommended feed on youtube, and it made me miss this very forum.

    Imagine my surprise when I come back to here only to find you joined quite recently!

    Welcome to the forums! And welcome to the hype train!

    I see oeroe is still offering snacks! :o

    i would if my pc could run it, but i'm still stuck with my abysmal geforce GT 640 graphics card

    If you don't mind turning down the settings a bit:

    Yep, looking forward to it Ashfall. I'll be playing starting 27th February, since I have the explorer pack(played CBT1 and 2). If anyone else wants to join me and my friend in early access, send me a PM here.

    Oh, we will play in EU region, which server exactly is not yet decided so message me and we will see. You can also add me on Skype if needed, the ID is on my profile.

    A group of us (maybe 3-4) will also be playing on EU, but none of us have early access so I suppose you can let me know what server you end up on and we'll take it from there.

    Hello everyone!

    I feel like most of the members here follow MMORPG news very closely. (Even if it is just hoping for info on Peria)
    Based on that, I am sure many of you know that the open beta for Revelation Online is starting soon. (March 6)

    This thread serves as an open invitation for people who would like to play together with me or others as we mess
    around and try to enjoy ourselves while the wait for Peria eats away at our souls.

    I will be playing in the EU region (server is currently unknown), but NA players feel free to use this thread to find
    others to join you as well.

    I will update this post with the server choices for both NA and EU based on most popular mentioned here (you can also pm me what server you are on).

    Hope to see you in game! o/

    EU Server: Moonsea

    NA Server: TBD

    Currently jumped back on to Black Desert Online to see what has changed/improved since last year. I lead a guild on there, we are about 6-7 people(4 playing actively each day).

    We are currently recruiting anyone playing in the EU region, if you would like to know more and or meet the most absurd group of people ever, send me a PM or just reply to this post.

    The realtime updating of threads is a great feature to have, something I did notice though is that it displays a not so subtle loading indicator for a split second while browsing the thread when it updates.

    Is this based off a javascript timer?

    If so a minor suggestion from my side would be to maybe hide the element that gets displayed when the refresh happens for quality of life purposes, e.g. when reading a long post this will keep popping up, I am not sure if it is only on my side though (also disappears too quickly to take a screenshot, sorry).

    If anyone else can confirm if this is also happening for them that would be great. (Simply stay in a thread for longer than 10 seconds or so.)

    The graphics can be just as demanding as any other "photorealistic" game, and still be cel-shaded.

    Just adding cel shading to a game requires more processing power. Say if you took Crysis, well you could add cell shading to that, it wouldn't look right but you could do it.

    Shader style actually has no significant impact on the system, it all comes down to how well they decide to optimize resources.

    Oh but of course, that just goes without saying. :D

    I'm not a hardcore anime fan like I once was but I much rather the anime style over the usual dark, gritty realistic look that most seem to have.

    The vibrant colours give the game a warm feel, not to mention when you are making a game with high quality anime style graphics that are as smooth and polished as this game appears to be, it's hard for such a game to look outdated in the anime style when it looks as nice as watching a series on your tv at home.

    It does give off quite a very polished look I agree.

    Do you guys feel like this game and the features we know of so far will appeal to the more hardcore crowd out there?

    I myself am not so sure about the potential PVP will have in peria, of course it is still way too early to tell, from what I have seen however, your average PVP person will probably get bored really quickly since the combat, although very intuitive, does not have that particular pace most of them would look for. Perhaps the more strategic types will drool all over this.

    PVE content could potentially attract a lot of hardcore raiders, since most of it will be based on player created content, the difficulty has nearly no limit. As a raid leader myself I am truly excited for this, because once you beat the endgame content in traditional theme-park MMORPG you usually end up waiting months for that special "my group wiped again???" fix. With this though, it has infinite possibilities and while you are busy trying to clear content, someone else could already be working on something much more difficult.


    In my personal experience subscription based games in most cases actually work out cheaper when compared to micro-transactions. Yes, it's your choice to spend money in a micro-transaction environment and it's as expensive as you make it but who doesn't want the latest bling, limited edition warez, mount or what have you.

    These subscription-based games you speak of also have cash shops and people still spend money on getting the cosmetic stuff regardless if they pay monthly for access to the game or not.

    In fact iirc, Square Enix has decided to put jump potions in the mog-station for FFXIV after the release of the new Stormblood expansion, these will let you "jump" a class/job from level 1 to 50 without doing anything else. They might only open this to players who already have a job at level 60 though.

    Point being, they are not necessarily cheaper than F2P titles, the only thing subs do is prevent excess amounts of bots and spammers flooding in. And it also ensures heaps of quality updates full of content.

    i haven't heard anything about a payment model yet so it could still turn out B2P or P2P instead of F2P

    You are correct about this. And it has been known that sometimes publishers decide to make something that was originally F2P in another region B2P/P2P in the west. Black Desert Online is a good example.

    Personally I feel it is way too soon to assume that just because it's Nexon it will turn out F2P, might actually be better to wait until we have more concrete sources.

    Not just Anime fans, there has been a fair bit of talk on the Nexon forums about this particular title. Especially on Mabinogi.

    I have friends and family who play various other mmo's who are eagerly awaiting the release of this game. Hanging for a release date like the rest of you.

    I don't think the point of this topic was to state that it would exclusively appeal to the anime community, but rather that they would maybe have a tiny bit more interest due to the art style being based on something they enjoy on a regular basis.