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    I just want to point out that many have mentioned on discord that google has mistranslated the thisisgamecom article that is used as grounds for

    While it is still possible that a "release" will be in December, it is likely just news as the article also states that more news will come in winter. Still good to keep the hype going. I have a feeling something big is coming up in December, whatever it is. They're not missing G-star for nothing.

    Yeah the main article on the front page reflects that (there was an update), I'll edit the main post here to reflect that as well.

    There hasn't been a beta. The game won't release retail in December. MAYBE a beta if we are blessed

    Yeah, I highly doubt they meant release as in full release, but rather release as in, you can now play it.. in beta. I mentioned it in the article, but either way it's a huge step towards something now.

    Discussion of article Guardian of the Flame, Tominia Introduction:

    “A Flaming fire!”“Life burns in the flames of ruin.” - Tominia’s Story -On the second night, Akasha was unsatisfied with everything she had created; some Kirana were too big, some too small, others too rude to her or even too boring. She was unnerved by this, which led her to stay up all night doing nothing for four days.“How on earth do I can make that I am fond of?”On the 4th day when she was floundering in agony over creation, a shooting star crashed down right in her chest. All the…

    I believe it will be decent.

    After all that old scheme of MMOs has become boring for me.

    Go to NPC-> get quest -> kill mobs -> get reward -> repeat

    Putting sandbox and focusing on it in such pretty game is what I want of an rpg. ^_^

    The cycle for Peria might be:

    Go to NPC -> Wait there is no NPC -> Create NPC -> Create Quest -> Create Mobs -> Create Rewards -> Let someone else do the quest


    In all seriousness, there's a lot to hope for, and it definitely feels very different from what we do know. Aside from that, welcome to the community!

    I love raids, but Peria so far doesn't seem to really be going for a raiding type MMO. The dev's compare it more so to Minecraft.

    That being said, is it possible? Absolutely.

    From what we know so far, players may be able to create raids themselves if they wanted to, as well as puzzling dungeons. But hopefully the base game offers a lot.

    I believe she hate humans and likes Kirana, that makes her evil in the eyes of humans.

    The Kirana seem to love her, but are programmed to do things. So the draugr are programmed to protect towns and their inhabitants, which can include humans. So Akasha's creations aren't really evil or good, they have their own choice.

    But in the eyes of the Kirana, Akasha is probably good.

    Hello there! Don't hesitate to ask questions, but keep in mind our info is limited and can possibly change as the game is developed.

    As a few have said, yes you will need to know Python to edit the mechanics of things and truly create custom things.

    However, that's not the only way to create things. You can "loot" different elements/components such as various types of UI/etc. So even if you don't know python, or even if you do, you'll still need to loot or trade various elements/components to create something.

    There is no official release date currently.

    The only news we have is that in an interview, the developers want to push for a Korean CBT in summer 2017.

    There's still a lot of work to be done by the devs such as adding a physics engine/etc, and we'll notify everyone on the site when they do release a date. :)

    Programming from what I've experienced, is a hit or a miss for people. It requires a certain way of thinking to truly get far into.

    That being said, for a game like Peria, I don't think you'd really need to know anything too indepth. Though some people may be able to do some clever things.

    More than likely the developers will do tutorials like they did in those videos for G-STAR, or you'll find community guides here.

    But even if you can't program, or do it well, it's one part of something you can do in Peria. The game is more community-centric from what we know, and less solo-driven. Not knowing coding isn't the end of the world, and you can bring other things to your community, such as crafting, or knowledge of something/the ability to carry out something that your community votes on/uses concept points for.

    With a game like this, what makes it great is the players.

    It all really depends on a couple factors:

    1. Many of us have a lot of high expectations, will they meet them by providing enough content for most players?

    2. It is a sandbox, will players be able to provide fun content themselves for other players?

    This game, from what we know, does things quite differently than MMO's in the market currently. I don't really see it as very Trove like from what we do know, but rather a mix of EQNext, Minecraft and a little bit of Neverwinter.

    All it needs is a great story, and enough content to not only get players started, but also invested in the world.

    There's quite a lot of missing info, and I suggest keeping expectations a little low before we have concrete info on things. It's fun to be hyped when we do know everything.