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    I'm a hardcore/competitive(if I really like the game) kind of player. I always go melee DPS role in any game with combat, but I am fine with playing off-tank as well.

    I usually prefer playing with a close group of friends than a large group of strangers, and like to play games if they have either a good combat system or a good story/life skills system. I prefer games with freedom of progression rather than games which want to tie you down into specific roles.

    I'm not into mobile games either, simply because I don't have time for them with all these PC games that come out faster than I can play them.

    As Mecha-Fanboy said on page 2 and I've also mentioned earlier, most Nexon games like Mabinogi, Maplestory, Vindictus start out relatively free of p2w items in the cash shop(mostly cosmetics and minor utility stuff and the likes), but after a few years they suddenly romp it up to 11 and start adding stuff without which you could never compete with the cashers if you're free to play. Hope that doesn't happen in Peria though.

    How Nexon usually does it (and so do most games) is that you would be able to freely switch between the channels(sub-servers) on the server but you wouldn't be able to switch your main server, as that brings about many problems(especially economy-related problems). The only times people switch their main server are during maybe some rare events where they allow transfers, or during server-merges due to population reasons.

    Nexon only publishes PC games, but they've been recently getting into the mobile gaming segment as well after acquiring a Mobile game development company in 2016, with many upcoming mobile games.

    I don't really know what's happening in this game. xD

    At lower levels, just follow the story quest(yellow questline) to about level 19-20, till when you get asked to run Darkfall. Then any high level player can run you through dungeons(you get fast dungeon runs and they get imperial merit) , hit me up to help you in dungeons if am online. Basically the first 20-30 levels is mostly story/orange quests along with a few dungeons. After that it is mostly doing your dailies(you can see them when you press U). Make sure you do your growth(orange) quests whenever you get a new one because they unlock new features and give good rewards.

    Questing to me needs to be fun with a good story, and not just repetitive kill/collect quests like joJones said. Also the story quests need to not be solo instances like many games that I've played, as too many solo story quests defeats the purpose of playing a MMO. For example, although blade and soul had a lot of group content, a lot of the story quests were solo instances, so despite playing with my friend from level 1, over half the time in our grind to max level, we were playing alone in story instances.

    Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around. The forums are quiet at the moment because not much has been going on about Peria recently, but whenever any news is released the forum sparks with activity.

    I just realized xDrac here is a mod on RO and plays on Moonsea as well. Saw him in Battleground 2 days ago and then saw his post on the forum again and it finally clicked, lol.