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    Oh I was just posting the official lore that we know so far.

    Peria Chronicles : Humans and Kiranas

    After the collision of Peria and Arka, humans encountered a new race called Kirana.

    Kiranas were a superior race with powers that surpass humans by far but weren’t able to last long in the new environment of Peria and the humans, on the other hand, were no threat to the Kiranas but were able to survive in Peria even after the collision.

    So some Kiranas decided to cooperate with humans in order to adapt in Peria.

    And thus, unique Kiranas of each element that have matching wavelengths with a human formed contracts that had them grant power to the contracting human in exchange for providing the Kirana a place to live.

    The special ability that allows certain Kiranas to bond with a human granted them the name Guardian Kiranas.

    Guardian Kiranas will grant you unimaginable powers for a human and will put you on equal footings against the Kiranas of the Akasha Assembly that are aiming to conquer Peria.

    And they will be a steadfast shield protecting you with powerful Guardian Skills when you are in danger.

    (AFK: If you’re thinking some parts are vague then that’s because the original text is too. Like, I assume Peria and Arka are continents but it’s not confirmed in the text and I have no idea if the Akasha Assembly are Kiranas that have adapted to Peria or are a group of people with their own contracted Kiranas. I’m guessing it’s the latter)

    It's Nexon, I would be almost confident that we will see gacha.

    It might not be all bad, maybe it'll be pay2cosmetic instead of pay2win.

    The biggest thing is, will the gear/cosmetics you can only get from paying will have stats or not?

    Or will it offer gear/weapons that can only be bought that rival or surpass endgame gear?

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