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    I honestly enjoy doing some questing in MMOs. For example, BDO is mainly a PVP game when you really think about it, and them cutting the story cutscenes and quests (and making them instead a side-quest) really sucked for a PVE player like me. I don't like an endless grind and if it's questing for more of the story, I totally dig 'em. If it's just a typical "fetch me this for no reason quest," it kind of bothers me. Quests are a lot better with story and meaning to the quests.


    Seriously, many player really lacks creativity in their name

    and don't start with XxX'Something'XxX:P


    To my defense in most games where the name is available, I go by the name of how I feel the character should have. Then I have my trade nickname on most stuff, Kitsu289, that I use alternatively if I want to have something under my name (it's also easier to find me then for my buds lol)

    Welcome to the forums Noel, hope to see you around. Sorry for the late welcome by the way, been busy with stuff.

    It's all good, thank you and hope to see you as well!

    Dewman here, and no, I don't hate CASTs

    Dewmans are awesome <3

    I think it's because of the anime style that's bringing Mabinogi fans along with the emphasis on the community the game seems to have. A lot of people weren't limited to a class and felt free to pursue whatever really, and there was a really unique story in the game too, so I think that Mabinogi players might be hoping for a similar experience here.

    Hope to see you too~


    Welcome! Every day on this forum is like a party, so you made a good choice coming here.

    I wanted to play PSO2 really badly, but then it took me hours to make an account because I'm an idiot, and then I finally got in and loved it right up until I think being able to read stuff would have been helpful and I quit. I just weakly cling to hope for the western release that sega keeps telling me, one day.


    Woop woop cx Party hard! For PSO2, there is, unfortunately, a low chance of it coming to NA at this point, with how SEA was doing. The game is translated by fans in a tweaker, and translates a lot of the game. Not every single thing, but things like the story and quests so you know what you're doing. Most, not all, is translated. Had you tried it with the tweaker?

    Honestly, I can't wait for the game~ It's looking better each day, and so far the community is very nice!

    hello noel, do you say your name like no-el or nul? just asking, happy to have you with us:saint:

    no-el, and no problem lol ^^ It's nice to know. Happy to meet you!


    herro to you too kitsu.

    welcome to the community and here is your welcome present:

    cola and chips for you, enjoy

    and i hope to see you around on the forum too


    I shalt be around~ And thank you (cola's better than dat mountain dew anyway lol)

    Nice to meet you Noel, Look forward to crossing you in game lol

    And you as well!

    Great to meet you too, Noel.

    Never expected to find a fellow PSO2 player here \o/

    Hope we get along ^^

    Huzzah~ A fellow PSO2 player <3 What are ye? CAST braver represent *v*

    I'm sure we will get along - unless you hate CASTs.

    I want to make an original character that looks basically "odd" or "different" to other people. In Black Desert Online I always added a twist that made my characters look out there, different yet fitting - or not even fitting at all with other people but in the world they fitted fine. In this game, I would like to be someone of a snake god lol >w< Snake or Fox God

    If anyone has a korean nexon account, Ar:PieL is a pretty fun game - dungeon crawler, yes, but the graphics are cute and the combat is genuinely fun. There's also a stamina system that basically tells you "go take a break!" lol

    Herro~ I'm Kitsu Ki Yo, or Noel. I haven't joined a forum for this game, but it's one of my most anticipated games and I really want to be with the community when it comes out. I never really was into a community for so long except for Phantasy Star Online 2 and Mabinogi really, but I hope to be a long-term resident when this game comes out and active all the time!

    Umm.. What to say ;v; I've played many games and write articles on about MMOs, and I do poetry and stuffles. I'm also addicted to Touhou and Senran Kagura, so there's that. Also do filmy foo thingys~

    Not sure what else to say other than it will be great to meet you all, and I wish you all a good night/day!