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    Because there is news coming this winter about peria and some have suggested about an alpha /beta of some kind (I am not saying that its coming or not just stating the facts)

    we have to discuss the thing that will either break or make the game, monetization or how and more importantly on what we will be able to spend our money on.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with asking money from your player base, in fact i believe that F2P will be the new way we should monetize our games but it should be done right.

    for example: kirana are dropped through an rng based system, how it will work exactly we still have to figure out when the game comes out but just for the sake of keeping it simple lets say that every time you kill an kirana you have an X% chance of capturing it, that procent is either A: the same for every single kirana so getting rare kirana is hard because they don't spawn oftend enough to be grinded or B: the kirana have all a fixated drop rate much like most weapons in other mmo's and rare kirana have a lower drop procentage than other kirana. if we take the example of B then a no brainer would be to put in some kind of item that increases those procentages, but how smart is that really? in the case of trove where the end game revolves around getting rare mounts and wings having a higher drop rate would be something everyone would want exept that isn't how the devs made it. because the drop rates are reasonable ONLY to the paying players which have a 0.1% chance where the f2p players have a 0.001% chance. at first this wasn't an issue because what the players would do is instead to pray to rngesus they sold are their cages and with that money they bought the mounts for what they earned with it and the paying players could buy those cages for dirt cheap prices and only increase their drop rate and helping the economie when they got a mount they already have by selling it. the system worked fine until the devs desided that there should be more people buying the increased drop rate so they banned all rare mounts from the shop... this destroyed the economie and not only stopt the f2p players but also paying players from playing the game which in turn fucked the game even more.

    and of course we have the obvious solution of making all cosmetics pay to get like TF2 or LoL but how much of a garentee do we have that the devs stop there.

    I want to see how you thing the monetization of this game shall be or how it should be.


    As someone who done his fair share of game design I keep asking myself ''what would be the system requirements for peria''

    maybe this sounds impossible to guess and the beta will most likely be badly optimized. But its fun to speculate.

    I would say:


    intel CPU = Core i5-760 2.8 GHz

    AMD CPU = atholon 64 x2 dual core 3600+

    Nvidia GC = GeForce GTX 660

    AMD GC = Radeon HD 7850

    VRAM = 2 GB

    RAM = 6 GB

    OS = win7/win10

    DirectX = DX 9

    Space = ??? (maybe could change depending if you downloading the player created maps or load them)

    This is just speculation based on other games (wind waker hd, Dark Souls, Persona 5, Guild Wars 2, Nier automata and FF15) and my own experiences with making games for school


    When Peria comes out it will most likely come out in korea first and then x years or until it comes out in america and Europa. Because of that I wanted to ask who wants to make a guild or something when Peria hits in korea and all play together there, it would be really helpfull because few of us know Korean so if you figure something out or find something you could share it with the guild instead of having to put massive blocks of wiki text into google transelate. It also could be fun to learn the ins and outs of the game because we would all start without any guides so we would all have to learn everything from scrash which really would give me that old school vibe where you have to play a game blind (although when i started gaming that was already over...).

    Case and Point:

    if Peria korea hits, should we make a guild there and start playing together.

    if so, any idea's for a name. i was thinking something like ''the new order''. make it sound cool but short


    sorry for being inactive the last few... months/ year, i was busy and also kinda ran out of things to talk about on this site:saint:

    Im sure they made it so you can't program a monster to not attack players, that'd be cheating the game

    What i mean by that is: you make a quest where the kirana are out of the players reach, like make a chunk of land that the player cant enter because idk there is a wall or that chunck is behind 5 meters of a pit of doom:saint:

    Its a fundamental question that i didn't think about asking until now. As its been told, the main gig of this game will be the player generated content but how will that leave the kirana situation.

    The argument was made that hard quest will give you stronger kirana but first:

    what defines a hard quest, you can't really have a bot for it, because it would be easy to say x enemy's of y level = z challenge but then you could get people to make farms that have the monsters in the map but they can't attack you and you don't have to fight to win the quest. Players could rate the difficulty but that would mean that the price won't be worth it until the ratings come in and if content is made fast it would mean that all the challanging/ rewarding quests would be shoved away by new guests, this also demotivates anyone from taking a hard guest because its not worth it.

    and even if this system works then how do you give away the kirana, is it that the first person that plays the quest gets the kirana and nobody else, that would be destructive to the game because if for instance the players upload the quest and its in a different timezone so its morning for the people that took the quest but it was in the middle of the night for you.

    and even then how do the quest makers get the kirana in the first place (and i mean really REALLY powerfull, end game type kirana). will there be raids, open world bosses, cash shop maybe (hopefully not)

    how do you guys think the system will work?:saint:

    so this hit me like a truck. Because overlord (anime) gets a new season i wanted to rewatch the old one to refresh my memory of it. although the game is a VR game like SAO it has a scary resemblance to overlord at least on some things. Most notably the fact that you can make your own raid dungeon. In overlord the MC is a endgame player that has the strongest dungeon in the whole game. the dungeon is devided in 10 floors that are protected by self made guadrians. If i am correct then you should be able to make something like that in peria, and if you are able to make a new interface you should be able to make an NPC. The game in overlord had two parts, the grindfest outside the dungeon (or for peria that would be the place where you grind kirana) and the player made dungeons. Well there were dungeons made by the devs but the main gig of the game where those player created ones.

    case and point: i think that peria has a lot of simularities to the game in overlord

    what do you think?


    as i have said before, the last article (tominia introduction at the time of writing this) raises more questions than it provides answers because the snippets of lore that we get are all over the place with seemingly no connection to each other at this point so i will hold off on cracpot theories untill we know

    its not really about having a correct theory, its about seeing what is going on in the story through other peoples eyes, they can point to things that you didn't even see or look at angels that you would never do. :saint:

    new pieces of the story are coming out, and because it isn't compleet that leaves room for theories, what are yours

    mine is this: akasha (god of the chaos realm and the one that makes kirana) was dissatisfied when making her kirana so when the two realms classed, akasha saw what humans were like (or whatever the perian's are called) and tried to make replicas of humans with her kirana making powers, but those human kirana made contracts with the other kirana and started a war with peria. akasha has the power to create kirana but the human kirana have the power to control them by making contracts so akasha had no fighting chance.:saint:

    before i can respond to that, i need you to be more specific with this part:

    because several interpretations of this are possible but the meaning of your post changes with it

    well we know that akasha was making kirana and was displeased with them,''

    On the second night, Akasha was unsatisfied with everything she had
    created; some Kirana were too big, some too small, others too rude to
    her or even too boring. She was unnerved by this'' so when the two realms clashed she saw the human race or whatever the perian's are called. when she saw them she was like ''hey this is just the thing i wanted to make'' and then she tried to make a kirana like humans (not only looks but also powers and emotions and all that. so basicly a replica of a human but it would actualy be a kirana) but then those human kirana started to collect other kirana and made contracts with them and started the war. and because akasha has the power to create kirana but the human kirana have the power to control those kirana she couldn't really fight back.

    is there something else i should have to :saint:specified

    by going close to the border of araca maybe
    i don't know how that would work but the fact that kirana can't survive in peria without a contract is confirmed lore

    oke now i got another theory: akasha was displeased with the kirana she made right... so when the two realms classed she might seen humans and made kirana like humans but those made contracts with the kirana and now we have a war... this isn't as crazy as i thought:saint:

    kirana can't survive in peria without a contract

    we do not yet know anything about the timeline in the lore of peria chronicles so while it is certaily possible, there is no guarantee that this is true

    ehhhm... then how can we ''grind'' kirana as mods and enemys in-game... just asking

    and that one

    welp its just a theory:saint:

    oke so here are some details that were here that we should remember, first: 3 stories in and their is no sign of any ill intentions of the so called antagonist of the game, second: akasha is very very old, maybe we can even tell that she exists for as long as the chaos dimention of the kirana, third: she is POWERFULL we know that she is a god and all but being a god doesn't mean a lot in games sometimes, so we know that just because she want she could make any kirana whenever she wanted. and fourth: this go's back to my last point and the theory that akasha isn't the main bad guy. because we know that some kirana were planing to take over peria (world of humans) but some ''rebel'' against them and join the humans, if our ''enemy'' could create powerfull kirana and make then however she wanted... then why didn't the humans lose already, just make an army af op as shit kirana and call it a day, unless the mastermind doesn't have that kind of power...:saint: