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    You are right.

    Without kirana it is defeated. As if it were not enough without an MP. This part may have a kirana recovery potion. Or it may recover naturally. I do not know this part. The battle of 2016G-STAR is close to prototype.

    2 years later and the game isnt out :/ ouch

    So all our equipment, and the entire game is based on Kirana? Well thats something else... it means you fail a mission if all your Kirana are wiped out :/

    Thanks for the information :thumbup:

    If that happens we'll have a great game on our hands, so lets see!

    ((seriously what's up with the caps?))

    I had to manually change the font (Its the A when making a post, personal favorite is Arial). Yeah it would be a great game, but with time it could lose its spark. I need a new mmo to hop onto

    Every Post but yours that is. I feel obnoxious with the caps since it makes me feel like im constantly yelling.

    Oh look, I changed the font.

    Yeah I wasnt a fan of the constant caps font, too up in your face for my liking. Waiting for this game is a bummer

    It is difficult to speak this in English.

    Some employees have been dispatched from nexon. Whether this is helpful or not, it is a collaboration.

    thingsoft 'peria chronicle' development is not over. thingsoft pulled out the mobile game team. Instead, they created another PC game team. It is not related to 'peria chronicle'.

    Interesting, by any chance do you know what theyre making on the side?

    I go to the G-star every year.

    I did not understand the second sentence. sorry :-

    Oh great! If you see peria let us know :)

    Also the second sentence was just me talking about how we wont be able to fight against kirana without kirana

    Indeed, we won't be seeing a fair model coming from Nexon i guess, which is too bad.... I hope they dont ruin everything, but I'm staying with a positive mind about it.

    Same here, just let us play damnit!!! ahahahha

    Weird,,, looks like the site font has changed. All caps all the time?

    Rip peria, hopefully this year its out somewher. Im just hoping they at least give us all they promised/showed

    Wow thats awesome, thanks for the detail! Are you going to attend G-Star if they show up this year?

    Also if thats the case looks like we really wont be able to fend for ourselves unless we have really good armour

    I would glady grind for stuff as well, the problem is that most f2p games tend to follow the p2w road, and that's why i wouldnt mind a b2p game without p2w stuff. And remember this....Nexon.

    Yeah I know where you're getting at. B2P wouldn't be bad but this is Nexon... they love that F2P P2W or at least spend like mad on our cash shop stuff.

    Right now my greatest hope is to actually see the game outside of a beta or development (As in on a live server) that way I can finally rest easy knowing its out somewhere

    So thingsoft has divided their team in 2 rather than finishing Peria? Or are they also getting help from Nexons employees?

    I want to make a questline where you get some form of legendary weapon or something. That also makes me wonder, can we create npcs specifically for quests? Can we make an npc version of ourselves for quests?

    I dont see why you couldnt make an NPC for the quest, also if we can make npcs why couldnt we make a clone of ourselves? Both seem to be highly possible

    I still agree with the idea that players shouldn't have to rely on kirana. If i can get my hands on a good sword and some skills, i should be fine without kirana lol

    Exactly, they almost make it seem like equipment is useless and if players have levels then why shouldnt we be able to fend for ourselves?

    Yeah, the no class system for Peria is interesting... it makes it both hard and non traditional in the sense that you'd probably be looking at elemental counters (ex: fire beats grass). It also highlights the danger in that a players team is more important than the player itself

    Now what would that mean for players? Well who knows, im guessing you could solo lots of dungeons if you have the right Kirana but wheres the fun in that?

    Also I dont hope its all Kirana only based, while I love the idea we should also be able to fend for ourselves right? What if our Kirana team dies... then we cant complete the dungeon?

    Lots of goodies wed have to see in the game itself. I just hope this is the year they finally come out in KR, then I can stop hyping and start playing :p. If not well ill keep waiting :/

    No news about Beta Test, sad times, it seems like regardless of that this is still going to be a great help in developing the game as they'll get more help on it for sure now. Hype hype, it seems they are putting their all into Peria which is good, I'll look forward to their final product! AI system is cool but it might make or break the system of the game. I guess it'll feel a lot more like a fantasy world if they do though since it'll feel more like it's run by the "world" itself not by people working on Peria, it should be a bit more immersive, we'll see.

    thats actually a really cool view on it, I didnt think about the whole "ai running the world itself" aspect.

    Guess we gotta wait till G-star this year for anything

    Not sure if anyone would be interested in making quests together but the wonderful thing about this group is we could start now:*

    I want to dip my foot in all things peria so im down to help, what type of quest would you be making? Fetch quest, survival etc? Personally I really like the idea of challenging quest, not dark souls level but just enough to make you try hard enough

    patience is the key :), theres no release date as of yet and your best bet would be to come back during G-star this year. (Nov 16-25 approximately)

    Id be all for that! If were lucky we can represent multiple guilds? probably not but one can dream. :D Anywho even if im not part of your guild ill always be down to help, I want to see all the unique buildings the community will create

    Thanks everyone! >w<

    I think I might try to create one of the first creative/creating types of guilds. Well depending on what the requirements to start a guild is owo

    gl and I believe in you :P

    But what if it becomes like Tera or Guildwars, all of a sudden the Buy-to-play becomes Free-to-play.

    I don't really know why those two games became free, but I do know it sucks if you spent that money for the game to be free (well least to me...)

    I wonder what kind of business model is best for Peria

    I personally would be fine if it went from b2p to f2p, only because to me that would signify that theyve gotten enough money from the community. The only issue id have is if people who payed got no reward of some sort and of course if it introduced P2W features etc

    I wouldn't mind a b2p format without p2w stuff. There's always a big risk with free mmo's. Still i'm hoping that cash will only be used for cosmetics and not p2w stuff. A game such as this being p2w would throw me into a water well and drown me.

    lol as long as a game is f2p in someway I think id be fine grinding for the stuff. Unless its like grinding for land thats lame

    I agree, I think all Kirana should be obtainable in game somehow. I just think there is a definite possibility Kirana would be sold.

    I know many games sell mounts... so would mounts in here also be considered Kirana? Because if so I'm pretty sure those would be sold, but maybe they would only have abilities for travel so that would be ok.

    Thats a good question actually, my guess would be big kirana will be mountable, and small ones not

    This is just speculation, and considering Nexon's past this seems not likely, But the programming languages they listed "Python, Lua and Java" are all ones that can be used across different platforms, Pc and MacOs. For once they could possibly be making a game where they allow it to be played on a mac without having to use an emulator to play for example Maplestory on a laptop

    Could very well be the case, Python is also easy to understand since it reads like english which would help new people