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    I agree, I think all Kirana should be obtainable in game somehow. I just think there is a definite possibility Kirana would be sold.

    I know many games sell mounts... so would mounts in here also be considered Kirana? Because if so I'm pretty sure those would be sold, but maybe they would only have abilities for travel so that would be ok.

    Thats a good question actually, my guess would be big kirana will be mountable, and small ones not

    This is just speculation, and considering Nexon's past this seems not likely, But the programming languages they listed "Python, Lua and Java" are all ones that can be used across different platforms, Pc and MacOs. For once they could possibly be making a game where they allow it to be played on a mac without having to use an emulator to play for example Maplestory on a laptop

    Could very well be the case, Python is also easy to understand since it reads like english which would help new people

    now i can die in piece :p

    No ones dying while im around :^(

    I wouldn't mind gacha as long as cosmetics don't come with stats/perks. Makes whatever I get feel more important the more rare it is however, it means I'm not getting what I exactly want most of the time.

    I hope we get special event costumes and what not. Like 2017 christmas set that you can grind/buy. Would be nice and almost every game has something like it

    If Peria manages to meet my expectations then i wouldn't really have a problem throwing some $$$ their way cause being strong and all is good but its also important to look fabulous .


    Gandalf the Fabulous

    Absolutely! Strength is only half of the battle in mmos ;)

    I've been on the site for a while, solely to get news about Peria, but i was feeling bored so i thought i should come over to the forums and say hi.

    So... um hi?

    MEMENTO MORI!!!!!! persona fan I assume , I hope you enjoy your time on the forums and maybe youll make some friends!

    No updates as of yet so you didnt miss much :) , best source of info would be one of their official sites. As in facebook or their

    Hello! I'm a Peria Chronicle fan whose been waiting with excitement since about 2012~2013. When hearing about more news coming during this Winter, I'm really hoping for its release just to know it'll be a published/playable game. :love:

    I'm just an artist so I'll probably be fiddling with the character creator and the sandbox elements it will come with. ...And maybe be the Mabinogi 2 we deserve.

    :D A lot of people have called this Mabinogis true succesor, I can agree with it in a sense. It just may not be everything mabinogi could/shouldve been.

    I just wish they had posted the alpha(G-star 2016 demo) publicly for us fans to play around with. Make sure you stay in touch with news by following their facebook too!

    I always have been thinking, "what could the devs cash shop". Theres plenty ranging from Kirana to cosmetics. What I would like to see is a system like Warframe where, each dungeon or area has a higher rate of finding materials for said weapon or cosmetic you just have to get over to that area to farm. In warframe the cash shop is there to mainly buy cosmetics and eliminate grind (Not necessary though). Put in a few hours and you can easily get high tier stuff.

    Now im not saying they should adopt it entirely but seeing as Peria is a community focused game and they hinted at it being easier in groups it would make sense that everything in Cash shop is also easier to get as a group. This would help mitigate the amount of grind needed normally, im still not sure how solo play would be considering the above.

    Also, please Nexon dont cash shop Kirana lol. Whats the point of going around capturing them if you can buy them? Maybe if we can sell them on player markets or theyre banned from pvp but idk, its a tough area especially since Kirana are almost everything.

    Winter isnt over just yet! and I do hope Peria is optimized well this year. I cant imagine playing peria with low FPS and drops, it would simply put those beautiful graphics to waste.