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    I used to also looking forward it.

    but this game is not attractive now.


    Because of its game play is very boring.

    The UGC system has lost its meaning and the game has only endless repetitive task.

    and as far as i know, LUA and java haven't been confirmed yet, only python
    it's certainly possible that you might be able to use them but don't count on it untill they have been confirmed

    Indeed, JS and LUA have not been explicitly confirmed by the official they will added in game, but they mentioned those scripting languages in termimg recruiting developers.

    It's still possible that they are added to the game.

    This is a very bad forecast:

    It has been nearly eight years since the project was established.

    If as a F2P game, then it maybe charging very high. But adding “paid functional items” to a sandbox games is a very bad thing.

    It will leads to P2W, and seriously frustrate the enthusiasm of free players.

    In official trailer video part 5 6m36s.


    우리는 이 값을 페릴께서 부여한다고 생각해서 '본명'이라고 부르고 있었지.

    We were calling it 'real name' because we thought Peril would give it.

    can you link your source, i don't remember seeing peril officially confirmed anywhere. only speculation and in places where a translation error is just as likely to be the cause

    Chinese translation is also described as two gods.

    阿卡莎(Akasha) & 佩利尔(Peril)


    And also view the wiki.페리아%20연대기

    part 2.1 story

    Thare are god's name.

    Looks Peril is a goddess(female), and Akasha is a god(male).

    I completely agree. Skysaga is something you'll throw in the same box as Minecraft or Creativerse, etc. and you wouldn't compare MC with Peria.

    They are same at one place: UGC is game's theme, and all other system are for UGC system.

    SkySaga in latter alpha versions(after α 8), players can release their island to publish page.

    And add a "LumoStone" system: Wireless connection among sensor, logic element and effector.

    Not long ago, Radiant Worlds announce that its work on SkySaga: Infinite Isles will now cease. Facebook; Offical announced page

    Look at the status of MapleStory2 and SkySaga's situation, the future of online UGC game is really worrying.

    Especially SkySaga as a pure UGC game similar to Peria. It's also really hard to find a profit point.

    Although cosmetics is indeed a source of profits. But the fact that the equip upgrade is the real profit center.

    Meaning that P2W is the real way to make money.

    But UGC game are not fit P2W.

    The purpose of the online game was to make money.

    But can't make money online game must be a dead end.

    Do UGC online game is really no future?

    Always time to learn! and it really is easy, u'll get the hang of it.

    there was LUA and some other script used back then too. I can find the video pertaining to that information if you'd like.

    I suspect they'll add other languages as the game develops.

    Oh! I found some new things.

    ThingSoft is hiring now…joinCorp=NX&reNo=20170142

    And you can find:

    "python, javascript, LUA 등 스크립트 언어 활용이 가능하신 분 "

    They need these language user.


    I've got HTML, CSS, Java, and JS under my belt... and the tiniest bit of Python. microscopic. (´;;ω;;`) that being said, I do hope they implement JS/Java as I've heard somewhere (?) rather than just Python, so I'll feel less useless.. It's been confirmed that there's already some pre-written code for certain items/objects and that you can use copies of those to amalgamate your own thing, but you can also program it all yourself.

    I might crack open a programming book for Python, myself... (´・ω・`)

    But I didn't find any evidence from any official information that they used programming languages other than Python

    I highly doubt it lol, by default it seems PK is allowed anywhere unless written otherwise.

    You can definitely set consequences for attempting it, but I think what they were going for is; if it's a rule it can't be broken (Unless changed). Also its got me thinking, will there be some indication on who's a PKer? or what towns are not safe? Im sure you can code a bell or alarm to warn new and existing players of PK

    The official has mentioned two options: banned this active by game rules, you can't do it. Or prohibit it by simple rule, you can do but will be punished.

    The official seems to chosen the former. But doesn't rule out the latter can also be achieved.

    But the risk of the latter will be very large. Because unconditional punished other players in the game rules can be achieved, but it is not reasonable.

    If you pass by a village you will be confiscated of all the money, then for this game ecology is devastating.

    His source isn't reliable at all. It's from the Q2 2017 Investors presentation which is not related to G-Star. Nexon has not released their G-Star line up yet because we're still 3 months away.

    Yes, peria also not in 2016 Investors presentation, but still join the GSTAR 2016.

    Doubt it. There are a few hints that they would be at G-Star, at least to get further player reviews/criticism. If not to unveil the demo/have the locals try it. I can't base my predictions 100% but in their previous interview they put testing late 2017 so let's just hope for that.

    I did not find the infomation source, GSTAR 2017 game list has not released now, yet.

    From the wind effect in the game, it seems that the decorative components and fabric itself on clothing is independent.

    This shows that the game's engine is to support "modular clothing".

    But the official will or not open "model assembly" function to the player is unknown.

    Tbh if you ask me, how could they not have islands surrounded by water? Considering that we can build cities and land in the sky, in deserts, lava etc. It only makes sense that you can create water too! I already mentioned it but they made a lava environment! So I think we can count on seeing water too

    However, the calculation of the fluid is a hell for the physics engine.

    If the water is just textures, then for Peria this dynamic world in terms of looks very strange.

    Different size of the fluid is completely different the way they are calculated

    (eg, a glass of water: Full fill the point; a sea: Only sea surface)

    And game is real-time rendering, the fluid calculation for 3D animation maybe completely notfit for game.