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    I'm a computer science major so i often learn stuff, get stressed the heck out during finals, and forget everything over break. For our final project we made our own language using JS as a host language. It was cool~~~

    but im still terrible at coding so shrug lol

    I also hope Life Skills aren't useless. It'd be cool if Life skills were similar to Log Horizon's subclasses, only certain items can be crafted if a player has high/max lvl in a skill and cannot be attained anywhere else.

    I always liked the skills in RuneScape. I absolutely loved mining

    I love raids, the thought of doing something with a bunch of people rather than a normal sized party is just so riveting.

    Also that's a cool concept! Maybe it could be similar to a MOBA where you can deploy Kiranas and destroy defenses to advance further into the castle to win.

    Guild A should send a raid notice to the Guild B. Guild B has a certain amount of time to prepare. Of course, there should be limitations. (You can't raid a guild that's a lower tier and you can only send challenges twice a month, etc)

    Overall raids are bomb af

    I'm a casual gamer and I love story driven games. When i first started playing mmos I played with others but nowadays I solo alot. But I occasionally play stuff with irl friends

    I just googled what life skills were and I love gathering/crafting stuff. I also like combat but my laptops have never been the best for gaming. Hard to be good when you're lagging all the time.

    Welcome to the forums Xye. I hope you continue to enjoy your time on the forums and I hope that we may one day cross paths in-game!

    Woo, I hope so too!


    This brought a tear to my eye lol, well said! I haven't seen you around much but welcome


    Thanks! lol imagine if the entire project got chopped, I'd cry for an eternity.

    I'm interested in this idea, andI was planning on making a webcomic like story of my adventures on Peria anyway lol. I'd love to be a part of this competition, but allow to me warn you, I'm a wonderful wordsmith and an even better artist lol.

    ooooo if you're not having too much fun in game and you do get around to making the comic, I'd be interested in reading it lol


    That reminds me that the contests should have maybe 1st 2nd and 3rd place!

    It's possible to have just one winner too, I guess depends how many people participate in a certain type of contest


    :) Number of participants should determine number of winners for sure. Lol cant have 4 people participate and have 3 winners.


    Oh I forgot to say you can also change your hairstyle and all that (But you guys probably already knew that).

    Lets hope its not all cash shop, i'd be fine with like really nice outfits being 5 or 10 bucks, or maybe even an option to farm the pieces just make them rare


    Peria is gonna be published by Nexon right? God I remember in one of their games, permanent outfits cost like 30 dollars.

    But I love looking cute in game so I'm willing to fork over way more than I should.

    I know what you mean. An alpha/beta announcement would make my summer tbh

    In fact, any sort of progress would make me happy. The more I think about it, the post HAS to mean something after everything you pointed out lol

    Ahhh, I'm so glad you like my ideas lol, after a while they just popped into my head

    There's so much we don't know about Peria so anything goes for the moment, writing is life! Halloween Peria would probs be the best holiday lmao

    Hopefully, an admin/mod can get a contest up and running soon after seeing this thread ^^