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    Friendly advice OwO

    In fact, these "cute" arts are have bad composition and human body form.

    If you want to paint a better work - or if you want to find a job about artwork in the future, you need comprehensive learning.

    Well I do take art classes now, but that last piece was a bit rushed for something.

    Anyway, I will try to take more time and practice but can't get better overnight

    Oh I mean this site, in case you wondered I meant the official Peria site.

    If I ever saw a update on that site then I would probably think that means something big happened

    I haven't added new art in a while!

    Anyway was working on something but... I'm not good at backgrounds still :)

    I'll have to practice that a ton.

    And will,

    but I just finished it all together!


    I was thinking that revamping the look of the site could possibly draw more people in. Also it's been a year since we had an update, appearance wise, so I think it would be nice to have some sort of change, even just the header image being updated would be nice.

    So i was on some kind of wikipedia page for Peria Chronicles. It was completely in korean, but when translated it said something about maybe they would try and do an open beta test in 2019? I'm not sure though, and I don't know if this is already known but thats good news to me? Hopefully google translated it correctly and this will be true... ^^

    If anyone would like to check this information, since i am in no way saying this is a fact or that this is confirmed or anything..., this was the site:…C%97%B0%EB%8C%80%EA%B8%B0

    Does seem that is says that, I don't speak any Korean so I don't fully know, hopefully someone does, also if the source is credible.

    Maybe Mifuyu could tell us, since he is like Peria expert o: least our trust worthy news reporter

    Very recently the game KurtzPel revealed that it would have early access on steam, meaning the game is STILL in development, has its faults and all, but you can play it. You'll play it while the game is still improving and getting to a more stable gameplay/etc.

    Let's say we had that option for Peria, doesn't seem too crazy does it? It's been a while, perhaps there is much we can do but still faults here and there. So the project would still be completed, but you could play while it still had faults, would you take it?

    No idea.

    I think I heard that they did want the game to be released in different languages at once, so perhaps that is possible?

    Hiya Everyone!

    It's 2019, we waited for Peria for so long we seem to run out of discussions.

    How can anyone keep talking about a game that has fully been exploited via trailers by now?

    This thread is about are hopes and speculations if any of 2019 for Peria.

    2019 could be a big year for gaming or not. We waited for Peria for quite a while, we got "Now Loading...." Images that led to nothing, what if it all means something now?

    My hope is for another trailer, perhaps before the end of this year. Maybe even an alpha test in Korea, or perhaps a Alpha test for everyone. Maybe they are already working on translating a lot of the game to get a similar release date if they find this project to be a change in the MMO gaming industry.

    What if there are talks about being mobile? Hopefully not...

    What do you all think will happen or not with Peria Chronicles in 2019?

    I'm not always the best at coming up with ideas for a beginning, but I wanted to be sure it's a story we can keep up with, I want to somehow get it in game, maybe there will be a way to make books like in Mabinogi? That be interesting.

    Anyway, so to start everyone off~ Why not introduce your character/self? (Add pics too if you would like )

    EDIT: Actually scratch that last idea, think that might be more suited for RPing

    Hey everyone!

    So I'm asking, well wondering..

    Who is still waiting?

    I remember waiting so long, when the "Now Loading" images happened I was excited but worried because I had a terrible laptop at the time and thought, Well if it comes out now, I can't play!

    I been through two more since then.

    Didn't expect to hear news for other games.

    Seeing new games announced, come out

    Some going away.

    It feels like Peria is taking too long.

    I wonder why~


    I'm still waiting anyway though, I mean we all did this long didn't we?

    Might as well stick out for the rest

    I revive this thread!

    Waiting so long for Peria and seeing other games being released bums me out.


    So how about a lore based kind of off all of us on this forum?

    I'll also use the idea of the island that was talked about on here.

    So it would go like, a group of people who lived on an island peacefully, probably away from Kirana, building and creating what they could themselves.

    The rest of the lore is us just filling out about ourselves and interactions with each other.

    Perhaps in the end of this lore, the people (us), decide to leave the island after seeing something like a great light, etc. created by a Kirana. But when all the people attempted to leave they were swept up in the waters to never be seen again.

    Welcome to our community Ren!~

    Glad to have you here and waiting for Peria, hopefully it doesn't take too long to get here!

    About what MMOs I played.. well I played the online Final Fantasy before, I guess I just wasn't into it or had to do with it being subscription based, can't remember it's been so long!

    I enjoyed playing Mabinogi for all the classes and jobs it had. I hope Peria has plenty of choices for players to do, so that we don't have to just fight all day, but can settle down too ^-^!

    Hiya everyone!

    So Anyway.. Kurtzpel, a game I just want to mention to everyone though it's not out yet.

    It's graphics are a bit similar to Peria so I thought it might interest some people, however it's still not out either ^^".

    It seems to be more PVP focused, I can't even say if it has an open world at all. But it looks pretty fun from what I can tell.

    It's cool to see all the people who can program that are interested in Peria chronicles. Guess we all get a bit of a upper hand? Unless they change some of the programming stuff to make it easier for players, which I think they actually are going to do.

    Too keep updating this thread with news; it seems possible of a G-Star entry (I guess you would call it that?) this year.

    After the article I read about questions answered about Peria.

    However, for all who read that article, is anyone able to make complete sense of it? Google translate isn't really the best... so it was hard to understand some things said in it.

    Sorry for such a late response, but I was thinking of generally making all types of quests, I simply wanna make worldbuilding things.

    For example if you've ever played games like Oblivion you get a lot of quests that are simply bring this to the merchant and you will receive an apple, I think things like that are just nice little things, but I also intend on creating a quest area based on one of my builds from around 1.5 years ago on minecraft, it was a massive underground cavern with rivers and waterfalls that was completely forested with a quaint village in the center

    Underground cavern with waterfalls? Sounds amazing and beautiful!

    I really want to see that in game for sure