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    Welcome to our community Ren!~

    Glad to have you here and waiting for Peria, hopefully it doesn't take too long to get here!

    About what MMOs I played.. well I played the online Final Fantasy before, I guess I just wasn't into it or had to do with it being subscription based, can't remember it's been so long!

    I enjoyed playing Mabinogi for all the classes and jobs it had. I hope Peria has plenty of choices for players to do, so that we don't have to just fight all day, but can settle down too ^-^!

    Hiya everyone!

    So Anyway.. Kurtzpel, a game I just want to mention to everyone though it's not out yet.

    It's graphics are a bit similar to Peria so I thought it might interest some people, however it's still not out either ^^".

    It seems to be more PVP focused, I can't even say if it has an open world at all. But it looks pretty fun from what I can tell.

    It's cool to see all the people who can program that are interested in Peria chronicles. Guess we all get a bit of a upper hand? Unless they change some of the programming stuff to make it easier for players, which I think they actually are going to do.

    Too keep updating this thread with news; it seems possible of a G-Star entry (I guess you would call it that?) this year.

    After the article I read about questions answered about Peria.

    However, for all who read that article, is anyone able to make complete sense of it? Google translate isn't really the best... so it was hard to understand some things said in it.

    Sorry for such a late response, but I was thinking of generally making all types of quests, I simply wanna make worldbuilding things.

    For example if you've ever played games like Oblivion you get a lot of quests that are simply bring this to the merchant and you will receive an apple, I think things like that are just nice little things, but I also intend on creating a quest area based on one of my builds from around 1.5 years ago on minecraft, it was a massive underground cavern with rivers and waterfalls that was completely forested with a quaint village in the center

    Underground cavern with waterfalls? Sounds amazing and beautiful!

    I really want to see that in game for sure

    I don't think there would be too big a problem with players creating things to stop other players. I think there was an article about how players could vote out certain creations. Like if someone created a giant wall, some people could vote it out (maybe it be considered reporting it?) then it would be gone.

    I just hope that if they do come out with a global release that they will wait awhile before dubbing voices, just so we can get the game sooner. I believe Blade and Soul did this.

    Hey everyone!

    So, if you play a lot of different types of MMO's you'll know that when people party up for either teaming for a quest or dungeon or some other reason they look for specific criteria in the players they need for their party.

    Sometimes there isn't one, just wanna have fun and socialize, but a lot we probably see something like a player needing a high level priest.

    In shooters/FPS there isn't always some sort of level system and when there is it doesn't always "mean" something as it's based on your actual skills such as aiming for a kill.

    Peria though.. isn't a shooter, Peria also seems to not have classes. We can fight but we are suppose to rely on Kirana....

    So how would we party up with others? What types of players would we look for? Do we care about what types Kirana they have and their powers/levels more than the player?

    But what if it becomes like Tera or Guildwars, all of a sudden the Buy-to-play becomes Free-to-play.

    I don't really know why those two games became free, but I do know it sucks if you spent that money for the game to be free (well least to me...)

    I wonder what kind of business model is best for Peria

    After trying the game (Yay got into beta).... It's ok, I think there will be a lot people who will love it, but it's just not my cup of tea >w<

    I love games having more creative aspects to them! I think their will be guilds centered on it but who knows, so I might just make one myself though I don't think I'd be a great leader xD

    I'm also trying to get into the closed beta.

    I'm trying to do that "Road Trip" stuff and going to pull a all nighter on it to guarantee a spot.

    I wanna try the Thief class! But I'm really excited to make clothing and making a home

    It's been almost a year since we had the "Now loading..." pictures appear on the official facebook for Peria Chronicles, we have had some news but mostly things you have to find yourself by digging around. I wonder if we will hear something before a whole year happens?

    So I'm basically hoping that we get information before or on the date of the first or last "Now loading..." picture. I know it may sound weird and too hopeful but I'm thinking that we could be looking forward to some news in summer.

    It would make more sense for news during this years G-Star, but I'm hopeful for Summer.

    Just for reference the first "Now loading..." image was posted July 6th, 2017. The last was July 21st, 2017.

    Hey everyone!

    So I don't know if I'm using this part the forum right, since I'm not really like "recruiting" for a guild, well.. maybe.

    See, I was wondering if anyone is interested in somehow creating a guild based on doing more building/creating for Peria.

    A guild that would focus on trying to gather people to make towns, create quests, building devices/games (like the tetris shown in a trailer) all that.

    Basically wondering if people have a interest in this, because I for one think I'd spend more time on these sort of things (also probably being social) than fighting and questing a lot.

    Hey everyone!

    So Maple Story 2 is coming out, well the beta at least.

    I was wondering if anyone is looking forward to it?

    I know I am! Not as much as Peria but it'll probably be something I waste some time on

    Welcome to the forums Kanon! Hope you enjoy your stay here ^-^

    Also hope to meet you in game when Peria releases!