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    Honestly, I think if the most stuff is craftable, we will see a big market for Crafted cloths maybe?

    Would be interesting if maybe someone could actually establish a kind of Trademark in the game.

    Well maybe I am dreaming a little too hard, but a clothing store would be funny, think about it. :P


    Welcome to the Peria lands!

    I wish you a fun time and hopefully a relaxed waiting time for the release..



    I am watching Dragon Ball Super, Twin Star Exorcist and some random movies I come across.

    The last movie I watched was about a Zombie Pandemic in Seoul with a pretty unhappy ending I guess... :P


    Ello Natsuu!

    Hope I can call you that! :P

    Have fun with everyone in the forum, share the passion for the game and let´s all wait together!

    Oeroe already gave you the welcome service, so enjoy it and hopefully we will hear from you in the forums!


    I know the Market is still in Beta, but I d have request if possible!

    Right now I feel like the market is not very organized and if you want to buy something you first have to look on a extra page for a Preview.

    It´s not that it is a big problem, it just kinda feels... odd.

    Maybe you can just link the preview pictures to the payment link, so it gets easier?

    Thank you Furia for giving us so many Updates so far and keeping the forum a nice place to chat!


    Happend to me once or twice so far, thankfully I look at the text most of the time while typing.

    Not to insult you, but have you tried to type text somewhere else, like notepad? Does it cut out there?

    If not, maybe you can pretype the text there and just copy and paste it into the forum... it should still be shorter than retyping the few linse you missed because it cut out. Just a idea!



    this article feels like we're still missing parts of lore to completely understand what's happening

    "on the second night" - so what exactly happened on the first night, is it just the creation of mariel and draugr or does the release of information not happen in the right order

    it honestly raises more questions than it reveals answers to me (but that could partly be to being almost K.O. due to a bad case of the flu)

    Maybe they want to tease us as much as possible so when they reveal the whole pot, we all go "WHOOAAAAAA"..

    It sounds very interesting though, maybe the story wil conclude itself with some later introductions.


    Maybe someone could make a Forum easy Access tutorial for Python so when the game is reeleased new players can find all necessary Info in here?

    Mayb I ll do it, learning it and recapping everything I learend in the forum.. let´s see, would be a funny challenge! :P



    What if it's like Mabinogi's cash shop? I wouldn't directly call Mabinogi's extremely P2W, it's pretty nice (and newer players get mounts and stuff from what I recall).

    I never played Mabinogi sooo I can´t relate to that...:saint:

    But as long as there are no unfair Stat boosts I am ok with it.

    If skill counts more than Items (atleast in PVP) I am completly fine!

    (opinion on general Cashshop, as long as you can beat someone with cashshop items without having them yourself it is okay.)


    Welcome Noel!

    Well let´s share the feeling of anticipation for the game!

    What do you think about that idea? :P

    Hope you have a nice time here with us!


    Welcome JoJones!

    You found yourself many Companions! I hope we can make the waiting time a little less frustrating for all of us.

    So that we all can join the game together on the release day! (for me atleast release day for japanese servers)



    yeah but if too many people want to recreate the same character, you can get names like "hatsunemiku99999999" wich can get really annoying. I really don't like to see numbers in a character name because it ruins the imersion for me but in some cases that would be fine like if you're going for a robot/cyborg theme (just take n°18 or 17 from bdz as an example)

    I feel you on the numbers, I hate numbers in names... it just kind of derstroys the illusion of the world.

    I really hope, they can maybe somehow allow same names, maybe with a Surname thats only visible when you check the Character?

    That would be really awesome, or let players decide if they want to hide the Surname. Because in partys you are mostlikely gonna chat in partychat anyways... so no way of confusing each other, or worstcase yoh have to whisper someone for 1v1 talk.



    Im going to create a reaper class character i guess. I love scythes so i hope they have one in the game. As for clothes, black and gray with white hair and either red or purple eyes.

    Been thinking about this too.... but I first need to see al the swords and then decide what I will do!