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    Because i need the hype :D

    That's definitely my type of music. I'm not into vocals but when combined with an epic score like this it even sounds better and it feels like it just belongs there. Couldn't imagine this song ,for instance, without vocals. I love the music that ''Two steps from hell'' makes in general. Beautiful and fitting to what I hope will Peria Chronicles become.

    I think gameplay, the over all look of the game and the atmosphere are all important things when it comes to making a wonderful game. But we shouldn't forget about music, because I believe it might just be one of the most important things beside what I listed before. So what are your thoughts on the music we heard in the trailers and gameplay videos about Peria Chronicles? I hope that we'll get amazing memorizable soundtrack, played or not played by an orchestra, in the game. I just wish for the right feel, because when the game finally comes out this would bug me the most if nothing was done about it. So far I think the music in the most recent trailer sounds ''fitting'' to the bright coloured theme of the game. But I also hope for something that's more epic and adventurous ^^ .

    Howdy Yoru ^^! I'm wondering who on this site isn't hyped for the game :D. Probably not many if anybody at all 8o. Before I forgot here is your welcome-cookie; *Ignatio gives Yoru a magic cookie which effects are still unknown*

    The developers wrote that Peria won't be anything like, for example, ''Minecraft'' (they even mentioned Minecraft as one of their examples) and said it would be a unique sandbox game probably something we haven't seen before. I've read that in an english translated post that was written by the developers in korean, therefore I might be mistaken but there's never a 100% chance:P. But we still shouldn't expect too much, but that's only because of the lack of information. If I'd know more about the game I could say more about this, but right now all we can do is rely on what we have and just hope.

    I'm extremely excited about the story and lore and I hope that the game won't just be a ''a happy place of joy''. I'm an anime fan for a few reasons and one of it being that you get to experience all of the emotions, just like in real life. You'll be sad, happy, serious maybe even go insane for some time. It's a part of living. Seeing only happy, bright-coloured pictures makes it look too childish. They shouldn't over do the idea I brought in but I'd like to see something in that way. A few bad guys here and there probably won't do it ;(, and my plans would be trying to give this game a ''darker'' yet not too dark site. The way I put this makes it sound even weirder but I hope you get what I'm saying. Now back to my plans; I'd build areas ,if possible, that look creepy or scary in some way. I won't give out too much detail on my future work ;) but I'd love to live in a desolated crypt, with my character looking like a ''dark knight''. Just an idea ^^!

    I don't like onions much because when I'm watching something sad, ninjas start cutting onions in the background.

    The path of the onions show that you have a heart...When tears come across your face like a waterfall or a river, remember, it's emotions. The path of the onions thaught me that...and I am happy knowing that these ninjas cut onions for the sake of opening the path of the onions to me, which are emotions.

    ~Ignatio 2016

    Greetings Flithor,
    It's nice to meet you and like oeroe said, grammar is not needed to communicate among this community. People all around the world come here and we're discussing things, having fun and simply share our thoughts with each other ^^ . I hope you get comfortable here *offers a cookie* :).

    I think it would be great to see guilds in Peria Chronicles. I'd love to explore castles owned by guilds possibly with their own flags hanging on the walls with their very own symbol on it. Maybe we'll get some deeper meaning in the game for example a guild purely made for the equality among Kiranas ^^! Or instead of ''human rights'' we get ''Kirana rights''.

    Eyyyyyy, love an upbeat song when I hear one. That reminds me though, have you ever heard of DNCE?

    Idk if it would be classified as the same style, but it gives me the same feeling C:

    They must be really popular and I hate to admit it but I haven't heard of them, until now :saint:. I probably heard this specific music somewhen and it really brings me into the mood of dancing *dances furiously to the beat of the music*

    Also, when I get to play Peria Chronicles and the music in the game gets too boring after some time, I'll use anime music instead and this is another example of how great it can be! It screams adventure in your face and I'm imagining flying on a Kirana through the lands of Peria with my character ,that's extremely fabulous, while this music plays in the background:


    nice to meet you officially with a full introduction (mine's somewhere in the hello community thread, didn't think it was worth making a new thread for that)

    I'm not sure if I greeted you on your introduction, but just in case hello and thank you for being so nice to me ^^ .

    Heyyyyy David.
    Did you draw your profile pic? :o sogud

    Yes I did, but I still have to work on the eyes, hair and the shading. I'll keep this picture as it is but when I 'll draw something new it should overcome this picture ^^ . I want to get better at what I'm doing. And thank you for your kindness.

    Hello everyone,
    I am known as Ignatio but my real name is David. You can call me whatever you want as long as it's not inappropriate, racist, sexist etc.

    Things I like:thumbup::
    ~Playing on my piano
    ~Playing videogames
    ~Watching youtube videos
    ~Being polite
    ~Watching animes (but I wouldn't call myself a weeb or an otaku)

    Things I dislike:thumbdown::
    ~Not getting enough sleep
    ~Being rude
    ~Being unreasonable

    That's [probably] me in a nutshell:P

    Greetings Cindy,
    It's nice to meet you and I hope we get along well with each other (I hope that happens with all of us). I haven't introduced myself yet so I'll make a new thread soon ^^ .