What we know thus far

Hello everyone! It's been a good few years since many of us have last heard of Peria Chronicles, and for some of us it may be the first time we've heard of Peria, but I'm sure all of us have grown even more interested in the game after it's recent reveals. Keep in mind what was revealed is subject to change, and anything we go over might be different to what the final version of the game will look like. However, rest assured we will keep you up to date!

For all of us, old and new fans, there's quite a lot to take in, but here's a brief overview of what we know so far, from 2013-2016!


One of the few words you've probably heard being tossed around about Peria, is that it has "sandbox" features. Sandbox, in terms of MMO's, means features that allow for a lot of player control/content creation, and players have very little limitations allowing them to roam throughout the game, doing what they will to do as opposed to a progressive "one lane" quest MMO. From what we've seen so far, and from what the dev's have said, Peria falls under this category. In Peria, players have the ability to create a lot of their own content. Here's quick video going over map creation:

Players will be able to create maps from what we know so far, and have the ability to even program objects to do things and interact with other objects. There is still more information needed about this, but we do know that you can use Python code to actually change how things interact! So if you really want to get in deep with the sandbox features, I suggest you start learning Python. Here's a nice website to get you started:



If you've kept up with the game, or saw the recent G-Star trailer, this part of the game has probably left you a little confused. Truthfully, it took me a little while to understand how it worked myself. Combat in Peria is very unique. All combat we know of so far is done with summons. You can summon multiple types of kirana (entities that live in the world of Peria), ranging from summons that will target and fight enemies, summons that seem to support you, and summons that act as abilities/weapons.

Unlike your average MMORPG, there doesn't seem to be a skill system in place, rather you summon a skill/weapon and perform a one time action. For example, you can summon a sword to attack, after summoning you will continue attacking and can perform various combos. However at the end of your attack animation the summon will despawn, and you can choose to summon the weapon again to perform an action.

You can also summon normal kirana's to perform independent actions or even ultimate abilities. Normal kirana summons will be attached to your player character, signified by a blue line. You must be next to them for them perform actions or they start losing HP. You can set your kirana to perform actions against other monsters, or have them placed down to help you complete a puzzle.

Here's a great video going over this:

If you want some more info on combat, here's a short overview by Steparu:


Here is a more indepth review by WorldWideGameWatchers:



The lore for Peria Chronicles is still a bit unclear. The developers did put a post about it very recently, however it was not worded clearly. This is what we got out of it with some speculation:

There was once 2 realms. Peria, the realm of the humans and Araca, the realm of chaos controlled by Akasha. Something happened and caused the realms to crash into each other letting the inhabitants of Araca enter Peria.

The inhabitants are called the Kirana. These beings had powers unknown to humans and could easily wipe out the human species. However, they could not live long in Peria on their own. Their very life force is drained away upon entering Peria. The humans pose no threat to the Kirana and decided that they could coexist.

Now some kirana befriend the humans, creating contracts that allow them to freely enter Peria under the limitations of being close to their human masters. Through these contracts the humans gained newfound powers.

The humans and Kirana coexisted well, and some Kirana's and humans gained a special contract. These Kirana are called patron Kirana and have the ability to merge with humans giving them even more power.

Together the humans and Kirana coexist to fight against the evil god of chaos, Akasha.

That's all we really know so far! There's still so many questions left unanswered (and even more after seeing the reveals...) but we'll keep you posted as we get info, so stay tuned for future posts~