G-Star 2016 Reveal!

G-star just happened a few days ago, and Peria Chronicles just wow'ed us with a new trailer and a load of new videos! Check out the trailer here:

We did a what we know thus far video going over what's been revealed here:


There's a load of new content to go over, but for your convenience I've made a nice little playlist to go over it all:

Here's a neat video going over character creation:

And finally, here's a playlist of shorts that Thingsoft created to go over the various things you can do with the sandbox features such as object interaction and coding:

G-star may be over, but Thingsoft's just started! Keep up to date with all the news on Peria here.


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    • I really love the cel shader model of this game, as well as the overall aesthetics. Didn't look into the coding and other stuff yet since it's all in Korean, will wait for a fan translation to pop up. The character creation, despite being in such an early development stage, looked really promising.
      • i agree, the korean is still a big issue when looking up the whole interactivity and coding part since you can't understand anything they're saying unless you know korean
        but i'm sure translations will show up somewhere in the future